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15th May 2018

The Baroness Chakrabarti CBE

Dear Lady Chakrabarti,

I heard via the BBC that you wished the Labour Party to expel Ken Livingstone for speaking of a connection between the Zionist Project and the Third Reich.  This man has spoken up for the Palestinian people in their place on the cross, but I know of no instance where he has expressed anti-Jewish urges.  In speaking of the de facto Israeli state, he might have said that state, and the prior Zionist Project, is the fount of that terrible and habitual cruelty starting well before the nakba - a euphemism. *  He will know what is happening at the borders of the Gaza concentration camp, complete with watchtowers, and in the other two remnants of Palestine.  He will feel even greater concern with the daily holocausts **  ***, culminating in the murder of 58 Palestinians yesterday, including 4 children, and the many hundreds of wounded, some of which will come to amputation.  There is ample evidence that 'expanding bullets' are being used by the Israeli Occupation Force snipers, thus causing devastating wounds.

This is the current backdrop to the accusation beneath your plea for expulsion.

And what is the evidence that you as a barrister needs in order to have Labour's support in this?  In fact, you have no case because he has been speaking the truth.  That truth might have been taken out of context.  Do please read the earlier sections of this chapter:

The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman.  The author gave me the book in 2004.  This condensed and very factual book should be read by every member of each house, where blindness to the lawlessness and great cruelty of Zionism is almost universal.  Ralph, and his wife Mya Shone, witnessed the massacres of Sabra and Shatila as directed by the Zionists with Sharon in the lead.

I have read other clear references to linkages between Zionism and fascism, including I recall in a much earlier exposé by Adams and Mayhew - Publish it Not.  (I cannot lay my hands on it at present.)  You can glean further evidence from the search engine on Kastner.  He collaborated with the Chief Rabbi of Hungary, which you know was under Nazi occupation, to send many thousands of Hungarian Jews westwards to the concentration camps, on the understanding that a few thousand fit young Jews would be sent to Palestine.  Youthful fitness was an ideal shared by Zion and the German fascists.

I plead that you leave Mr Livingstone alone and that you concentrate on uniting the Labour Party by putting 'anti-semitism' in context.  Your plea is irrelevant in the face of such pain and illegality.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  I have healed and NEVER harmed a human being, unlike those snipers aiming from sand banks in Palestine     

*  State of Terror  by Thomas Suarez    A seminal book derived entirely from archives
** .....or the killing of very largenumbers of people:  Cambridge  - (I add 'by humans')