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This manifesto is just a sample of what concerns me most and how each might be tackled. The Mid Devon Advertiser asked for 100 words as to how each of the five candidates stand. I quote from mine - The most important characteristic in a society be it primitive, or ‘advanced’ as ours, is CARING. I care deeply about almost everything, especially the child – here and abroad. I start with the most important – shelter.

A roof over the head

250,000 homeless humans in the UK, a majority of which will be children. On the council waiting list and living in an hotel or ‘bed-sit’. Consider how well that child will be nourished in body and mind, and the effect of moving hither and thither.

This is an emergency.Brown field sites are compulsorily purchased where the need is greater. Units are set up by councils to build wooden, very well insulated terraced housing in a systematic way. Community centres where Surestart will start again, and GP surgeries are built in parallel time. Young Mums-to-be, without a parent to guide them, are given special help and encouraged to continue being educated.

Education ducere: ducere – to lead

School budgets to be increased, from the centre, after all heads and governing boards present simple accounts for the last 3 years, and say what they need in extra money. Class size, percentage if ‘special needs’ children, social deprivation, free school meals, foreign first tongue etc to be factors in uplifting budgets. The arts and crafts – pottery, collage, felting etc etc etc to be ubiquitous in British schools.

Health and OUR NHS

OUR NHS is on its beam end BY DESIGN. Money is only part of many answers. No 12 hour shifts for any NHS servant – especially nurses. Meal breaks sacrosanct – therefore more professional staff – RGNs etc. ‘Back to nursing’ schools lead by carefully selected tutors – with mileage allowances etc. Bursaries to be given to nurses etc who return to the NHS IF they claim

such. New ‘whistleblowing’ contract for all servants of OUR NHS – inviolate. Compare with airline pilots.

Morale and esprits de corps to be restored to OUR great NHS by all means. Some present ‘care’ is grossly negligent; standards have fallen very badly.

OUR NHS has been set up to fail – by the ‘neo-liberal’ conspirators in each of the three main parties – starting with Margaret Thatcher LG, OM, DStJ, PC, FRS, HonFRSC and Sir Nicholas Ridley, Baron Ridley of Liddesdale, PC through Milburn, Lansley, Cameron/Clegg and the many.

Public Health

Take out of County Council hands. A sub-ministry of the DoH. The epidemics of obesity, alcoholism, drug and gambling addiction etc to be studied by the best minds, ways forward tried and very carefully monitored.

Advertising of gambling to be banned, and that of alcohol greatly curtailed with industry agreement.

Sexual health to be taught in schools by professionals (nursing, medical – especially bacteriorologists in parallel with Open University programmes.

Barrier contraception to be promoted outside of constant relationship. HPV vaccination of boys – actual and propaganda for, to be removed.

Law and Order a. At home b. Abroad

a. Increase police numbers and criminologists. Any secret society to be declared on applications to join, and in service. Scrupulous selection based on education, social awareness and personal principles. Wrongdoing – timely investigation and whewre necessary prosecution. Continued into retirement of officers whenever necessary. All voluntary interviews, arrests etc – noy guilty until proven. Re-instatement of a National Forensic Service with the most strict guidelines as to response times and practice. The recruitment and listing of pathologists for the Home Office must be by the most excellent police persons, physicians and lawyers in the field.

b. All leaders of aggressive wars in recent decades to be brought to the Hague or similar structure without fail. Without well proven convictions, war will be infinite and global annihilation certain. The psychopath might crave the apocalypse. Blair and his ‘sofa cabinet’ are to be pursued straight away. The actions and words of Cameron et al, and May and Johnson et al are to be examined by an international group of lawyers. These to include Falk, McKinney, …… and to be advised by Halliday and Von Sponeck universal jurisdiction law.

To leave the EU, or to stay in with 28 other countries. Trying to avoid that junk word Brexit.

I opposed joining the EEC as a young doctor 40 years ago, as did my father. Reasons –

a. an overweening bureaucracy likely b. Italy, Germany, France, GB etc – manufactured goods – all doing the same c. NZ, Australia, Canada, Caribbean > food, with excellent cheap sheep meat from NZ. Mutually good and logical trade. Manufactured goods exchanged d. “EU would prevent future European wars”. I thought divisions might emerge later.

The EU for decades – who can name the 7 MEP’s for the SW? And tell us what power the EU parliament has? Very little – it can influence EU Foreign policy. It it democratic? Ursula von der Leyden has been proposed as the President of the EU Commission – by 28 of the EU elite, whilst 500 million voters look on. Ratification of her ‘annointment’ delayed because the books are in question again.

The Eub has harmed GB – take its Competition Rules. This a cause for ‘out -sourcing’ contracts by OUR NHS to private outfits – 15% of total budget in Labour years – as now.

We should have left promptly in 2016 following a vote of 52% against 48% in a turn out of 72%.


First know that funds go from developers to the Tory war chest. And that the Tory government dictates the numbers that local councils MUST build.

What of the calibre of the average county or district councillor? You might vote for them or more often not take the trouble? Are they people who have done or are doing a good job, of probity, and with good brains?

Where do all the purchasers of all these new houses come from. Ex-councillor Christophers – 80% ‘local couples living with their parents’! Any survey done of house buyers. Total GB mortgage debt £1.3 trillion. Average age at end – 69 years! Are they retirees (NHS), family structure?, working ?local, ?commuting. Cranbrook – population ‘parachuted’ in. Very inspiring primary head but what ratio those labelled ‘special needs’.

No record of percentage but OFSTED happy.

Age Range 2 - 16 Gender Mixed Number of pupils 563 School capacity 1420

“Learn 2x faster for free with Seneca. Join 2,400,000 students using Seneca as the funnest way to boost their KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level grades. And it's free!” Apologies to Aldous Huxley.

Digging for food and for fun. Allotments on these new estates? Percentage of ‘developed’ ground.

Elections – GB

Promoted as a colour choice by the “media”

Tweedledum, Tweedledee and tweedle – currently Ms Swinson! How many studying the FACTS behind the hype? Keep the Punch and Judy show going, and highlight the leaders.

See my article in the good Mid Devon Advertiser –

“Yes it is, no it ain’t” Whack, whack!

And very short memories in the polity keep it going. BUT – obvious to many. 2 quotes from latter - “Most have seen the denizens in Parliament for what they are. There is anger and loathing in many throughout these isles.”

Party politics' has failed miserably. Most citizens have suffered under it.”

Party politics are dead. Dead as that parrot. They have killed ‘party politics’ stone dead themselves.

Foreign ‘policy’

Presently destabilise (as with OUR NHS over years) other countries. Vicious sanctions, acts of war, against Iran and Syria – joined with the EU. Why? Are not the 90 milllion Iranians friends and humans. A large fleet – lead by USS Abraham Lincoln and HMS Queen Elizabeth are waiting in the Persian Gulf for a false flag to attack Iran, as Netanyahu has been urging for 10 year. Syria – a united and ancient people – growth rate 10% just before the terrorists were inserted by Saudi and the US.

Then attack. Iraq notably. Libya later, and much else. Aggressive war - ‘from which all other crimes flow’. Nuremberg – 1946. Germans hung. No hanging of President Johnson, Blair, Bush, Cameron etc etc.

Symbols – HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. Attack weapons only. Illegal by Nuremberg and UN Charter. Never said. £5 billion each (pull the other one). F35Bs - £80 million each.

TURN each into hospital ships, surgeons – some retired or part retired. One to Iraq, Basra – later Libya >> Help with local staff to heal the thousands WE have maimed. Psychiatry as well. One to deal around British ports the very many waiting, waiting for treatment. DIAGNOSIS AND SELECTION OF TREATMENT AT THE FORE.

The ‘war’ on Iraq. Who for?

Dr Kelly’s death was all about the Iraq war. I have revealed the lies from early on – 16-12-03 and stuck with it. Many, many thousands of hours + about £7000. I have come to a conclusion now, but for a little corroboration – which matters little. I will write this up separately, and later within three books. Solid state laptop for quiet writing ordered.

Via my web site see and read the third if nothing else.

DO READ the translation of a short tract by Oded Yinon re. the desired decimation of all Arab states/entities

What is the current MP salary? What figure the leaving present? What is the pension value?

First - The basic annual salary of an MP in the House of Commons was £76,011, as of April 2017. The basic salary of an MP is due to increase by 2.7% from 1 April 2019 from the current rate of £77,379 to £79,468 as announced on Thursday 28 February 2019 by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa).

When I intended to stand against ‘Ben’ Bradshaw MP (and member of the Henty Jackson Society) in 2010, I planned IF successful, to give away all in excess of the average wage in GB.

ONS May > 2019 Figure 2: “Despite recent growth, earnings in real terms are lower than before the 2008 to 2009 recession”

For July 2019, average regular pay, before tax and other deductions, for employees in Great Britain was estimated at: £507 per week in nominal terms 52x = £26,364

My NHS pension with an added ‘industrial injury’ award added + the State pension is more than adequate. (I believe we doctors, nurses, physios, porters etc paid in 6% of our salaries.) Sue and I live well within this generous pension. eg. Happy with a good fourth hand Subaru Outback.

The balance BEFORE tax etc = £53,104 could be put to good use. To help make good microscopically a bit of that made wrong by government or neglected – like the homeless child.