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First know that funds go from developers to the Tory war chest. And that the Tory government dictates the numbers that local councils MUST build.

What of the calibre of the average county or district councillor? You might vote for them or more often not take the trouble? Are they people who have done or are doing a good job, of probity, and with good brains?

Where do all the purchasers of all these new houses come from. Ex-councillor Christophers – 80% ‘local couples living with their parents’! Any survey done of house buyers. Total GB mortgage debt £1.3 trillion. Average age at end – 69 years! Are they retirees (NHS), family structure?, working ?local, ?commuting. Cranbrook – population ‘parachuted’ in. Very inspiring primary head but what ratio those labelled ‘special needs’.

No record of percentage but OFSTED happy.

Age Range 2 - 16 Gender Mixed Number of pupils 563 School capacity 1420

“Learn 2x faster for free with Seneca. Join 2,400,000 students using Seneca as the funnest way to boost their KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level grades. And it's free!” Apologies to Aldous Huxley.

Digging for food and for fun. Allotments on these new estates? Percentage of ‘developed’ ground.