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Dear Mr Shaw,

I have not heard from you, as one of the 25 million licence payers and someone with a close knowledge of the Middle East. This country is in TROUBLE and its citizens should be informed for several reasons.

The number of arrests following this latest killing is unprecedented. That suggests a large cell.  The picture painted by Tony Cartalucci appears to fit.  That is there is an organization bent on further killing and mayhem that has had a benign relationship with the SIS.  If this organization is the LIFG and the UK has colluded with it, we must be told.

You will know by now.  Is this cell LIFG and if not, what is its character/name.

Thank you

David Halpin


Dear Mr Shaw,

I heard your broadcast this am.  You reported that there were few hard facts emerging and that this was sowing rumour.

I read this essay last night by Tony Cartalucci, a knowledgeable and frequent contributor to the good Global Research site, a geopolitical website lead by Professor Michel Chossudovsky

Mr Corbyn is right to raise the central cause of 'terrorism' - UK involvement in wars breaching all international law, and sanctions. I set aside UN approval here and there, it being owned.

I urge you to find out whether Salman Abedi was part of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group and whether a large cell in Manchester was known to our security agencies.  And was this group supported by NATO in the Libyan 'war', just as the UK supports the 'rebels' in Syria.

We respect the slain, and those relatives of those blown apart in Manchester, by searching for the central truths.

Having spent time in Palestine, and vast amounts of time thinking and writing about the terrible suffering there which is worse than ever, I know that Islam only sanctions killing if it is in defence of the women and children.

for truth   and with kind regards

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

ps  this too is right at the centre but it NEVER emerges in the mainstream I have written of it for at least 12 years.