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Every citizen of Britain, be they either asleep or outraged by a country lowered by design, should see and hear every word of this comedy for tragedy


Five hours of recording by the Guardian outside the Foreign Office, - location, location. Skim through to the ‘speeches’ and see behind the bluster and the pure ‘propagandare nero’. These were war speeches with the flags of empires clustered in symbolism behind the ‘players’. One a prevaricating ‘has been’ and the other a good stand in for a belligerent drunk in a Hollywood minor. 1Hr 33 min >. Before this a mass of the mass ‘media’ setting their recorders for the poison. Then two of the many puppet masters striding behind the glamour. Bolton, the mega psychopath bristling, and was that Jared Kushner, friend of the Saudi dictator and murderer? A full account of this Normandy assault on our sanity would take 3000 words, and another. The messages are plain and the intentions crystal. Even the BBC, in its 10 o’clock TV News, was too embarassed to broadcast the worst. But it did get in the throwaway remark of the thug - OUR NHS, could be in a US/UK ‘TRADE DEAL’. A molecule, a discarded cotton wool ball on the floor of a made-to-be, chaotic A&E. Tweeted - ‘Jared. Fix it. Buy it - now.’ Do not mention that this greatest empire has a National Debt of $21.97 trillion. Bankrupt? But who dares to say it? ‘We have the weapons and the craving for war!’

Know this. OUR NHS has been labelled for the mortuary by cunning undermining and by the overbearing for 30 years and more. They hate social provision of the care of the sick and dying. ‘Jeremy’ Hunt, referred to in the most friendly way by Trump, has been across several times to visit the Kaiser Permanante propaganda unit, and no doubt swung through Allied Medical. And perhaps, in recent months, a ‘Crawford’ was included as with Bush and Bliar over bloodied stakes in April 2002. There was a few seconds quote on the BBC of popping eyes Hunt saying we back the US to the hilt. A few hundred hospital ‘Trusts’ and Clinical Commissioning Gruppe (1) have burned the aviation kerosene. Among them, twice noted, was the Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, chairman Admiral Sir Richard Ibbotson KBE, CB, DSC, DL, past commander of Thatcher’s Falkland/Malvinas Islands Fleet. This flagrant waste of our hard won taxes was done whilst thousands queued for baked beans at food banks. But the worms have turned in GB, just as they did in 1939. View Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO’ (2). OUR NHS will revive. We will vanquish these life-denying, life-destroying psychopaths with open talons.

The central theme was WAR, and Iran is the ‘clear and present’ danger, ‘the threat of Iran’ as said by Landale on the BBC “news”, just as Bibi has been urging for a while. The defeat of the Nazis was down to the glorious allies who have been bombing civilians most years since WW2. Russia, the key to the defeat of the Nazis, only got one mention. Not its sacrifice, often in ice, of 26 million lives and countless injury, but just one – Novichok. How vile, a lie repeated in front of our great nation. No, though formidable and armed perhaps for defence with Russian hypersonic, sea skimming missiles, Iran is on the naughty chair. As with Hussain, Ghaddafi, Dr Abbas, and the Houthi, the Boltonesque spews out. Exciting flagging ‘jingoism’ (3) in the British from the Foreign and Colonial Office stage to join in desruction of another ancient country, was treacherously welded with commemoration of the Normandie Landings.

"The British have had a few goes at liquidating ancient Persia, and included starvation of a few millions in their lust for oil. Now the ‘world’s greatest alliance’ is typing in the targets. USS Abraham Lincoln is in the Gulf with all the rest. Four tankers have been holed above the water line, showing exquisite sensitivity to foul pollution. Did the agents of the damage emerge from Israeli Dolphin submarines built and partly subsidised by Germany in its guilt? After all, this war will be at the urging of Israel, just as planned like Iraq, Libya and Syria way back by Oded Yinon in his piece for the Mossad (4) The author recalls that the commanders of the Nimitz aircraft carriers (5) of which there are ten, are free to use their nuclear armouries without reference back to the capo del capo in Washington. However, via (5) “The presence of nuclear weapons on board U.S. aircraft carriers since the end of the Cold War has neither been confirmed nor denied by the U.S. government”, echoing Israel. Oh how they love big bangs and all the blood."

Tweet @Donald DC - ‘Bring it on’




2. A Harvey Weinstein Company. Harvey one of three executive producers. (I wonder – those allegations) See this remarkable film, and you might save your loved one’s life. Weep with me. Note Benn’s every word.







David Halpin is a retired othopaedic and trauma surgeon in his 80th year. He gets some peace from this Satanism in the woods he planted 30 years ago. He and Sue his wife, with many supporters, launched the Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin 1-02-2003 to Gaza (6) and (7) the video – 20 minutes. This voyage was in common humanity with a people on the Cross and to shout against the looming Supreme War Crime, the bombardment and destruction of Iraq and many, many thousands of its innocent humans. ‘No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world’ - the author.