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The likely assassination of David Kelly CMG DSc shows the lawlessness of the United Kingdom. This man, who was our foremost germ and chemical weapons expert with full MI6 and CIA clearance, was not seen - 'officially', after he left his home at 3pm on the 17th July 2003. The lawlessness is proved in the fact that he has never had an inquest which is bound to follow unnatural death.

Instead the Hutton Inquiry was set up on the request of the then PM, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair QC. This was within three hours of an unidentified body being found in an Oxfordshire wood at Harrowdown Hill.  The inquiry was so called - ad hoc. It had no force in law. Hearings started three weeks after the death, and took place over twenty-one days.  As Dr Michael Powers QC noted, only half of one day was spent on the forensic elements.

The instruction given by Lord Falconer to Lord Hutton (deceased two years ago) on that morning of the 18th of July was as oblique as possible. 'To inquire into the circumstances surrounding the death of David Kelly'.  It concluded by adopting the causes of death as recorded by the young forensic pathologist Nicholas Hunt, who had been on the Home Office list in that function for two years only. That is - the death was suicide due first to bleeding from a cut into the left wrist (via the matchstick thin ulnar artery) and the consumption of coproxamol tablets. These are a combination of dextropropoxyphene and paracetamol.  It was presumed this man had swallowed 29, just one tablet remaining in one of three packs. And an added factor in causing death was coronary artery disease.

This 'verdict' of Lord Brian Hutton was confirmed at a very brief hearing on the 16th of March 2004 by the Senior Oxford Coroner Nicholas Gardiner. A full inquest into this most high profile and unnatural death would have required weeks of hearings, and with at least several days spent  on the forensic elements.

Books by Norman Baker - then an MP, and Miles Goslett, have in great detail recorded all the conflicting evidence, omissions etc but the question remains - why he was likely assassinated.

The source of this website, David Halpin MB BS FRCS puts forward in these two interviews by him of Michael Welch of Global Research radio, two possible motives for this likely state murder and the 'inquiry' which followed in such remarkable haste - and without the force of law.

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