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Evidence submitted by David Halpin FRCS in five documents to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, as part of a plea with 5 other doctors for a new inquest on Dr David Kelly. Summaries of these four documents were included with other evidence in an Addendum to a Memorial -

on 28 February 2011 to Mr Grieve. A decision about our plea is expected shortly*.

Dr Kelly's death, whether caused by his hand or by someone else, was all about the 'war' on Iraq.

Our plea for a second inquest, based on a mountain of incontrovertible evidence, has been refused by the Rt Honorable Dominic Grieve QC, this government's foremost law officer.

Dr David C. Kelly CMG DSc aged 59 was Britain's leading expert in germ and chemical weapons. He was found dead in woods on Harrowdown Hill 18 July 2003 with his left wrist cut. A knife was by his side and three empty packs of Co-proxamol tablets in a pocket of his wax jacket.

There had been a storm following a piece by Andrew Gilligan on the state broadcaster's Today programme at 6.07 am 29 May 2003. He quoted a source who spoke of Downing Street ordering that the September '02 dossier should be sexed up. Kelly's name was revealed by means of having the MOD confirm it once a journalist picked it from a list. Kelly had debriefed the Russians on their allegedly vast germ warfare programme and he had served UNSCOM. For this duty he had been to Iraq 37 times. A secondary role that he played for HMG was to interpret scientific and defence matters for the media. He was head scientist at the Porton Down Chemical Defence Establishment for ten years.

Further to John Pilger (25 April), mistrust in the present government is not exclusively owing to the lies, distortions and distractions surrounding the Iraq WMD claims and the legal advice. Government deceit extends also to the investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly. Why did Lord Falconer choose a method of inquiry which was specifically designed to be invoked for multiple deaths, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of inquiry, as in a rail disaster? Kelly's death was a solitary unnatural death, requiring rigorous investigation at a coroner's inquest.

The German word for suicide is more direct than the English: Selbstmord - self-murder.

Did Dr David Kelly - husband, father of three daughters and a leading world expert in chemical and germ warfare - murder himself, or was he murdered by others?

When his violent death was first reported I felt he was likely a victim of a wicked system that had used him and spat him out. I was very sceptical that he could have bled to death from one cut wrist.

At first, the media spoke of 'alleged suicide', but by last November I became aware that reporters were speaking of Dr Kelly's 'suicide' without qualification. Objecting to this, on 15 December I wrote a letter to the Morning Star - key extracts follow: