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The slopes of this South Devon valley are filling with greens of every hue. The wild cherry blossom has floated between land and air. The buzzard buteo buteo soars in the azure sky of this most beautiful spring.

He searches the ground for carrion with which to feed two swelling chicks. This is provided by rabbits which are going through yet another cycle of terrible suffering and death from the myxoma virus. This was introduced into the UK in 1953 deliberately.

The vultures wheel over Libya beside the drones but roasted carrion is not their usual feast. The flag of the Kingdom of Libya is being waved in victory. The jubilant rebels have decided on discretion rather than valour. The charred skeletons of the government tank crew have been left below and cannot join the party. Perhaps the celebrants know that the 'coalition' dispense U238 as liberally as their illusory democracy.