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Preface - This is a compilation from four - each male, but the same thoughts and words will be flowing from our sisters. The theme is imprinted obedience - from 'schooling'.

First - Robert Burrowes in Victoria State, and presently fascist lead Australia of the 6 'eyes' - the Zionist entity being the sixth, has been saying this since his youth -  (being blocked by 'AI' algorhythms) >  As a youth, and in grief at the loss of two uncles in the 'R'AF WW2 he asked 'why war' - endless war.

The second is Sir Julian Rose of Hardwick in the Thames Valley -   This friend of mine - of the aether, writes from his soul. His last posting on Global Research -

The third is from   Rudolf Hänsel

Quote -  Dr Rudolf Lothar Hänsel is a school rector, educational scientist and qualified psychologist. After completing his university studies, he became an academic teacher in adult education. As a pensioner, he worked as a psychotherapist in his own practice. In his books and specialist articles, he calls for a conscious ethical and moral education of values as well as an education for public spirit and peace.

The fourth comes from my dear friend and 'small farmer' Alan Horton. He came the 100 miles from Cambourne in Cornwall to hear me speak of Palestine - in Totnes, - in 2005. He bears witness to the continued naqba in every day. The text from an interview of Khaled Barakat of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement    Bullets are mentioned - but we remind ourselves that a people under military occupation, and especially this most evil one, have the right under international law to use military means to regain their freedom. The bullets will be aimed at Zionist 'militants' and not women and children.

I end with another 'imprinting' - done from infancy. That is 'chosen' as against the 'other'.  How wicked.

for truth, and light, and 'love thy neighbour'

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS