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Dear God
Ten years ago, I sent you a letter
Innocent, hopeful, trusting and pure
I gave me back to You

“Dear Most Loving
Here I am
An empty vessel
Lift me… Fill me… Use me
As You wish
My will is nothing
But Yours”

Today, I am back
Crawling on my knees
Knocking at Your door

Empty handed
Filled to the brim with horror and pain
Looking evil in the eye, how could I not be?

I thought I’ve seen it all, before!
What a fool!

Dear Most Kind,
I knew it would be a rough ride
But, really, not that rough!

Dear Most Wise
I am not asking you “why did You create evil”
I know You didn’t!
You just bestowed upon us freewill

Dear Most Loving
I am not asking “why don’t You stop them”
That means taking their freewill away

Dear Most Graceful
I am simply asking You for guidance
In this ocean of wickedness and gloom
What do You want me, little old Nahida, to do?
What can we in the Camp of Goodness do?
How can we stop this evil, once and for all?
Show me the way
Show us the way