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Dear Most Loving
Here I am
Wandering in the wilderness
Cold… soaking… frightened… lonely… lost
Dripping pain and sorrow

Knocking at your door
Humbly kneeling down
Hands upraised
Face hidden with tears

Requesting of Your generosity
Appealing of Your kindness
Pleading of Your mercy

Shroud me with Your bliss
Wrap me up with Your pleasure
Shower me with Your blessings

Make no desire in my heart
Greater than being with You

No aspiration dearer
Than the bounty of Your love

Make me a mouthpiece of Your truth
A fingerprint of Your creativity
An ambassador of Your reality

Make me a pathway of Your certainty
A sign of Your authenticity
A whisper of Your inspiration

Make me a fountain of kindness
A lantern of guidance
A waterfall of honesty
A cascade of delight

Make me a footstep
Leading to Your splendour

Make me a pail
Pouring out love
Watching all content

Make me a lamp
Glowing with tenderness and warmth
Until none is lost in darkness or despair

Make me a cloud
Full of goodness
Raining joy
Planting affection
Flowering passion
Blooming compassion
Fruiting closeness
Picking intimacy
Feeding ecstasy and reunion

Watching all fulfilled
Living whole… serene and satisfied

Dear Most Loving
It’s only through knowing You
Can distressed hearts
Find tranquillity and peace

The wise have said:
"if you love a thing so much, it will reveal its secrets to you"

Dear Most Loving
Here I am
An empty vessel
Lift me… Fill me… Use me
As You wish
My will is nothing
But Yours

Dear Most Loving
I am walking towards you
Your promise is true
Come running towards me
Hold me… embrace me
I am all Yours