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Dear Mr Quinn,

I join with James Thring in encouraging you and the party to which you belong to emerge from the mire which you find yourselves in.  The current expression, and its utter lawlessness, is the Covid_19 lie with which you have wrecked many lives, some under motorway bridges, and our national economy.  Hardly 'conservatism'.  There is NO scientific basis for any of your advice, rules or statutes in this regard.

Palestinian children maimed in GazaI know and love my sisters and brothers in Palestine, and especially Gaza, having been there 10 times since the Voyage of the  Dove and the Dolphin 1-02-2003 which I lead, and which Susan my wife of 60 years and me funded - eventually to the tune of £140,000.  You see I am a 'universalist' and I believe in the sanctity of all life.  I do not look at skin or religion, but at the eyes and the soul of each human - now so damaged by psychopaths world wide - and their tools like the abysmal media.

I am pleased to say that my doctor friend in Gaza, Khamis Elessi MD Manila, took me to see Ismail Haniyeh twice.  He does not speak English but we understood each other.  I judged him an honest man who simply wants justice and then freedom for his people.  He grew up in extreme poverty in 'Beach Camp' which I know well.  What the Zionist mouthpieces here never tell the public/polity, is that 800,000 humans were driven from their homes, their land and thus their living, by a fascist entity using force of arms (Czech, British eg Spitfires etc) and overwhelming terror in the spring of 1948.  (The 'displacement' of the native people actually started in c. 1895)  Deir Yassin was the worst of dozens of planned and terrible terrorist activities of Irgun etc.  Many fled in boats from Haifa, and no doubt some grandparents of that real 'flight' survive in Beach Camp.  From there they can see and hear the machine guns of the Israeli navy firing on Palestinian fishermanevery night as they attempt to glean precious protein for the families.

And the terror has been there in every day since 1948 with the underlying intent to clear Palestine of Palestinians, a noble and very peaceful people - essentially pastoral.  It is called genocide and this in Palestine - by every means.  Either dead or beyond the borders of a loose Judea.  See attached - the long held plan - expressed quietly in Hebrew initially in 1982 by Oded Yinon.

Do come on to the side of tortured humanity - at the very last moment. What I feared, and expressed in this brief essay 14-06-2019,

is coming true.  The 'end game', a revolting term first coined by Hollywood via John Wayne aka  Marion Robert Morrison, is goading the Palestinians, to goad their staunch allies in Iran, which the paramount psychopath and war criminal Netanyahu (a title I always apply to the Tory friend Anthony Charles Lynton Blair) has called on the US to obliterate over at least 10 years.

So Jeremy, encourage your fellow MPs of all 'parties' including the morally dead Starmer, to join the real human race.

'No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'  dsh

I attach a docx. from Gaza - just in via my friend against torture Dr Derek Summerfield, via Paola Manduca - filed under Gaza.  BUT READ THE THIRD ATTACHMENT - from Gaza.

A statement for reason and justice by Ishmail Haniyeh - leader of Hamas - 'Islamic Resistance Movement.'  Know that when under a military occupation, and in this case using every means of oppression including the torture and imprisonment of children, the oppressed are in international law 'allowed' to use arms.  The Palestinian people, in a very large majority, have shown the restraint typical of true Muslims.  With Allah, they only take up the sword to protect their wives and their children, unlike British governments - Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan back - ad infinitum.  I exclude Britain, at first alone and with a very different British then, and its key part against fascism then.   Definition attached - present now.  

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS



“If the Israeli occupation intensified its aggression, the Palestinian resistance will continue defending its people,” Haniyeh asserted. “This is a message that we delivered to all sides.”

May 12, 2021


Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said on Tuesday that Israeli policy of targeting Jerusalem is not unacceptable by the Palestinian people and resistance factions.

In a televised speech, Haniyeh held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the repercussions of its escalation in Gaza and occupied Jerusalem.

The Palestinian people have forced the Israeli occupation to push Israeli settlers away from Al-Aqsa Mosque and disrupted their celebrations of the so-called “Unification of Jerusalem.” 

Haniyeh pointed out that he had contacted a number of regional leaders since the events started in Jerusalem and the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

“Our message was that we will not abandon Jerusalem or the option of resistance with all of its forms,” Haniyeh continued.

Haniyeh called for a position to be taken in support of the Palestinian people and pressure to be exerted on the Israeli occupation to end its aggression on Jerusalem and Gaza. 

“If the Israeli occupation intensified its aggression, the Palestinian resistance will continue defending its people,” Haniyeh asserted. “This is a message that we delivered to all sides.”

The Hamas chief called for all Palestinians to unite against the Israeli occupation, urging the Palestinian Authority (PA) to end security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and to scrap its recognition of it. 

He added: “The connection between Gaza and Jerusalem should continue and the Israeli occupation has to be aware of that and end its aggression on Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Through the massacres that it has committed in Gaza, Haniyeh continued, the Israeli occupation is attempting to break this equation and keep Gaza out of the struggle equation.


Three fronts

In light of this, Haniyeh affirmed that his movement has acted on three fronts, with the first being Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque.

He pointed out that the second front is Gaza which is entrenching the concept of geographical, historical, and religious connection with Jerusalem.

The third front is the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, Haniyeh continued, adding: “I salute the Palestinians living there who have endured all attempts to wipe out their identity.”  

The Palestinian people everywhere are today presenting a great united front, Haniyeh noted. 

Saluting the Arab and Muslim public who have taken to the streets to voice their solidarity with the al-Aqsa Mosque, Haniyeh explained that all attempted to undermine the Arab public awareness towards the Palestinian cause were bound to fail.

Haniyeh hailed Palestinian Jerusalemites for standing steadfast at the al-Aqsa Mosque and defending Jerusalem and the Palestinian resistance for standing up for the holy city.   

Source : Hamas



On 12/05/2021 10:12 pm, J THRING wrote:
Dear Jeremy

Thank you for your letter in reply to my objections to nuclear warheads instead of nurses' pay.

I remain astounded that the Party can advance such waste of public resources whilst it maintains the 'private sector rules' slogan which apparently doesn't apply to arms dealers!

It is especially odd to do this at a time when it is aiming to help poorer regions and families.

However, may I now implore you to help the besieged Palestinians from slow annihilation by the Israelis, begun by the illegal eviction of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem, the invasion of their holiest mosque, the disproportionate bombing raids on densely over-crowded cities like Gaza and the seizure of the global mass media by apologists for these crimes of an avowedly Apartheid regime?

I know the Conservative Party is heavily dominated by Friends of Israeli but the current atrocities give pause for a resistance to such corrupt influences. The time is coming when covert obeisance to a foreign government accused of criminal assaults on unarmed civilians will be an embarrassment and eventually brought to court.

Could you please lean on the Prime Minister to condemn Israeli bombardments and terror tactics; renounce support for arming the rogue state and accede to recognising the ICC's current investigations of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity? The EU and the UN have re-iterated their support for a Palestinian State. The UK should do the decent thing and add our name to reversing the project we launched under Balfour's name by honouring the proviso he included; "Nothing shall be done to prejudice the rights of the indigenous people..."

Yours sincerely
James B Thring




One: Yinon.pdf

Two: Gaza stats and photos 12 May.pdf

Three: HaniyehMay12th2021.pdf

Four: Fascism.pdf