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/Palestinian children maimed in GazaURGENT

Dear Lord Cameron,

This my fourth letter to yourself, and in your crucial position in representing our nation in its duty to obey all international law, and to reverse the creation of a deeply racist entity of British creation in service to the Zionist 'ideology'.  This was grafted on as you know to longer standing oxymoronic ''Christian'' Zionism.  See recent interview by Stephen Sizer   who was silenced when as a CoE vicar for Christ by the Bishop of Guildford, and no doubt with 'Lambeth' agreement.  bcc 

This fourth letter will be posted on my website to follow the previous three -

This was followed on my website, and is now posted on Global Research -

Here is the most current report re the shoah in Gaza - from The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).    the FCO will be receiving these bulletins

Question - what are you doing to stop the crushing, shredding, starvation, consequent disease etc in a homeless population of 1.9 million - almost a fifth of London's.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

Dear Lord Cameron,

I have received no words from you nor your office at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. I address you as a senior citizen who has done his best within OUR NHS and for those suffering in what was called Palestine - the native people.  Those in Gaza especially where I have visited 10 times as a surgeon and 'humanitarian'.

I note via the lowered UK media that your pronouncements vis a vis Gaza and the 'West Bank' have shown some 'movement'.

Quote ITN news 7pm last night"They can do more, they must do more, to let aid in. So that's doing more at Rafah, [and] also opening new entry points for aid to get into Gaza. "I'd urge them: Get the aid into Gaza," he added.

Quote MSN News Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has used a visit to the Middle East to push for British ships to be allowed to deliver aid directly to Gaza.

He also used visits to Jordan and Egypt to hear about the challenges these neighbouring countries have in getting aid to Gaza and to call on Israel to allow humanitarian support in more quickly, iunderstands.

Lord Cameron, the former prime minister, said the UK was “pushing very hard” to ensure aid supplies reach Gaza, both through the reopened Kerem Shalom border crossing and possibly by sea.

In a Thursday press conference, he said: “Are there opportunities for aid to come from Cyprus in British ships to be delivered to Gaza? We’re working on that.

“Everything that can be done, must be done to get aid into Gaza to help people in the desperate situation they are in.”

This is welcome but too late after the 'break out' of 7th of October and after 77 years of goading by the entity that started ethnic cleansing in December 1947.  The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine  Professor Ilan Pappe. The origin of this holocaust that the UK government is now reacting to, was shown clearly and courageously by Ilan Pappe in 2006.

It still remains a priority that you resign your position as Foreign Secretary because of your obvious conflict of interest - 'Friend of Israel' versus the present holocaust and the infinite number of crimes that have gone before in the robbing of Palestine.

I believe the same of these colleagues in the cabinet. I note that the Rt.Hon. Dominic Raab is deputy Prime Minister and think it likely from his previous actions that he too would call himself an 'FOI'. The Rt.Hon. Grant Shapps is a likely member too. I see that he was shaking hands with the comedian Zelensky and offering - in treason, UK troops to join the depleted 'Ukrainian' forces on Ukrainian soil - being sold off to US mega corporations. It is well known that British forces are there already in the plan to 'Balkanise' Russia. All the Westminster politicians barring a few forgetting that the Eastern front was crucial in defeating the most evil Nazis. Barbarossa as written by Alan Clark records it all, the absolute disregard for the sanctity of life now being replicated in Palestine - after Korea > Cambodia >> Iraq as per Oded Yinon >> you re Libya > Syria bombed over 200 times by the Zionist entity - and eventually - the culmination, the present holocaust.

You know that 'jaw jaw is better than war war' - Churchill. We know that belief was not in him when against all professional advice he succeeded in pushing the horror of the Gallipoli campaign and showing that the allied forces installed against the Turks were actual cannon fodder.

The world turns as ever into light, and with it world opinion. The most terrible sacrifice of life, limb, mind, eyes etc in Gaza, and in the 'West Bank' is showing the millions who truly see that this light will dominate from now on. Those like yourself who aided war will be seen as life denying and not life enhancing. The societal disintegration in the 'western countries' is one result of this negation.

I finish with a quote from a dear friend - Mahmoud Baroud PhD (Exeter). Another good 'jewish' friend helped support him and his family when Mahmoud was reading for his PhD - based on English Literature.

Dear Brother David and all friends,  18-12-2023
Warm greetings again from Gaza where we are still alive and managing to survive regardless of the hard and harsh conditions. Many sincere thanks for the donations without which it would be impossible to survive. Yes I could manage to buy some food, clothes, matresses and blankets. We were forced to leave our flats in Gaza without carrying any item or even clothes.  The key words in Gaza are Death, Starvation and Displacement. I am writing from the local hospital in Rafah (Alnajar Hospital) as the death toll is about 20 thousands and the injured are about 150 thousands. Most of the victims are mainly children and women. Those who are displaced are almost the whole of Gaza Strip. I know that you are following what is going on but I can say that the Zionists and their American allies  destroyed everything including humans, animals and buildings. Yes it is a new and modern holocaust and genocide.  But they cannot destroy our will or determination to live a decent life without the Occupation. Nobody is safe. Even our peace activists and journalists  and staff members (DSH - of The Islamic University of Gaza) from our English dept were murdered. We lost two colleagues with their families because they kept writing in English on the social media. 
Very difficult to use the laptop but somewhat easier to use the WhatsApp on the mobile for communication as we did with Sue.
Please stay in touch as it boosts our morals and provide us with inspiration to live and continue our struggle

Kind regards  Mahmoud


for truth and law and humanity

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Devon

Dear Lord Cameron,

Your secretariat would have received this e-mail below within 8 minutes of my sending it at 12.17 GMT 12-12-2023,it having been forwarded by 'Attendants' serving at the House of Lords. I have received no reply from you, nor automated acknowledgement.

I have since been reminded by James Thring of the 'Ministry for Peace' (as against the 'Ministry of ''Defence'' ') that you have been a Conservative Friend of Israel. This disqualifies you from serving as Foreign Secretary in our chaotic but beloved nation.

I speak as a patriot - and in loving truth and justice - as when I represented many other fellow citizens  Halpin v Regina 19-12-2011 in a plea to judicially review Attorney General Dominic Grieve  <> - subtitle - "Speaking in Tel Aviv, warns against undermining the rule of law" !
in his failure to instigate an inquest into the unnatural death of David Kelly CMG DSc on 17/18th July 2003.  He was our foremost and I think moral - biological, chemical and nuclear weapons expert  This likely assassination has never been subject to the law of our country since the 14th century - an inquest held by a coroner, and in this case with a jury. The causes of death were taken word for word by the Oxford Coroner Nicholas Gardiner from the sham Hutton Inquiry and accepted by him - in a hearing on March 2004 conducted over 16 minutes.

I emphasise the lawlessness of the whole by quoting my fellow doctor and QC Michael Powers who observed that only one half of one day in a twenty one day 'Hutton' was spent on forensic elements. I add that the incarceration of Julian Assange in a high security jail, without trial, confirms that our country is lawless. I spoke thus on the steps of the High Court in the only interview that I was asked to give - by Press TV - a broadcaster since banished from British screens by 'OFCOM' in February 2021

Preface -  A wide ranging interview which spoke for truth in the nation, and against the corruption at the top of government and in the tiers of power below. A possible reason for the likely assassination of Dr Kelly was stated. That is his possible knowledge about the incineration of the arms of Ali Abbas, his parents and ten relatives was most likely caused by a nuclear weapon. ** The most intense, short lived thermal or nuclear energy must have been the agent for such terrible injuries to Ali and his twelve relatives. A neutron shell as being the likely weapon was not mentioned in the interview.   >    and I deal with law vis a vis GB and 'Israel' within the 10 minutes.  The 2000, or 20,000 comments disappeared.

We now see the culmination of the long continuum of fascism - in this context labelled 'zionism'.Are you going to speak up against the crushing to death, starvation, planned mortal disease etc of innocent humans?

My simple definition of the fascist - 'The subhuman who delights in crushing the life out of humans' - as at Babi Yar   and now in Gaza.

My letter to you, a citizen to citizen letter, was posted on my web site 2 days ago -  

And it also posted here - as a selected article on the Global Research web site among others. I copy the first two of eight.  The first by Rick Sterling  bcc should be read by yourself especially, and the second by Ilan Pappe along with the staff in the FCO. Ilan was born in 'Israel' and he serves as a professor up the road in Exeter. Please read his words - which enlighten with the grace of his writing.

From Dallas to Gaza: Was JFK’s Assassination Instrumental in Strengthening Zionist Israel?

By Rick Sterling, December 13, 2023

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 60 years ago. If he had  lived and won a second term, the Israeli Palestinian conflict would have evolved differently. Possibly the path toward Israeli apartheid and genocide in Gaza could have been avoided.

Wall and a Watchtower: Why Is Israel Failing? Ilan Pappe

By Ilan Pappe, December 14, 2023

These architects of Zionism were too racist and orientalist, like the rest of Europe, to realize how progressive Palestinian society was in relation to that period, with an educated and politicized urban elite and a rural community living at peace within a genuine system of co-existence and solidarity. 

for truth     and for 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS


This letter to Lord Cameron was sent at 12.37 GMT on 12-12-2023.

This was received from the House of Lords secretariat  at 12.45 GMT - that is - Lord Cameron's inbox of his secretary received this letter within 8 minutes

Thank you for your email. It has been received by the House of Lords and will be forwarded onto the member addressed, as per the instructions they have left with the team that manages this service.

Bulk and unaddressed emails to members are not accepted. Please note that if more than six copies of the same email are received, all will be deleted.

HOL Attendants

I now address Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton  Foreign Secretary to Britain  (Secretariat in the HoL - please forward urgently to Lord Cameron)

Dear Lord Cameron,

I write as a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon who has healed thousands with good teams by my side in OUR NHS - this being dismantled steadily since the Centre for Policy Studies/PM Thatcher's 'Internal Market' - 1988 >.

I will be 'personal' but the current and most terrible holocaust in Gaza requires this. About a quarter of my practice involved looking after dear children, often from infancy and with skeletal defects such as congenital dislocation of the hip, club foot etc. Included were those with cerebral palsy - often caused by injury during birth.

One girl I easily remember. At aged thirteen, and with very severe spasm in the muscles serving her right hip, the hip dislocated - and no doubt after I had cut tendons in an attempt to stop the dislocation. I then excised the femoral head on the advice of a very experienced senior colleague because her pain was so severe. That gave her no relief. She went on to join other angels. Her humble parents made a generous donation to our Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital, whose life we surgeons were fighting for, and this provided a room where parents could sleep and relax by the airy children's ward whilst the ones they loved were treated - and schooled. Some few years later this fine hospital of 120 beds and the best esprit de corps was bulldozed - essentially by central diktat, an upmarket housing development replacing healing. It is but one of many facets of fascism in our fine country.

I can easily imagine the pain you and your wife Samantha felt so deeply when your eldest child Ivan died, but after suffering from a vicious combination of cerebral palsy with grand mal epilepsy. So there was also a feeling that he had been released from the pain and shackles of severe spasticity.

You will easily imagine just one child, alive - but with limbs trapped under slabs of concrete caused by CARPET BOMBING of the 'temples of the family' - the homes of 2.2 million souls. Whilst she or he remains alive, there is concrete dust in her mouth and lungs, and she hears the blasts as US provided F16s with BritishAe head-up cockpit display kits drop 'ordnance' ferried from the US -  onto a civilian population, 60% of which are innocent women and children.

You must immediately contact your fascist colleagues in No 10, absent now of Mrs Braverman, and demand the immediate recall of the UNSC, and make certain that you represent the will of the peoples of this land and call for all holocaust activity by the fascist High Command of 'Israel' to cease immediately.

My current definition of the 'fascist'. "A subhuman who delights in crushing the life out of humans".

The most recent posting on my 'political' web site  -   the other focusing on Palestine and the criminal actions of the Zionist Entity being  is -

This being Part One to do with the continuum of fascism, starting with the necessary mouthpiece of 'government'. Part Two will shock you. In it I will call for a Nürnberg 2. Your part in the destruction of Libya and the hideous assassination of President Muammar Gaddafi will be included  -  See Capture and killing  and a record of other 'settler colonialism' - a euphemism.

I end by saying that those who came to take another but peaceful people's land, and to imprison, torture and kill, will be leaving the Promised Land. The native and noble people will return as UNGA 194 demanded on 11th of December 1948, rebuild their villages - over 500 razed ( Ilan Pappe's seminal book 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' records it all, including the summary execution of males 12 to 50 in the thousands) and rejoice in peace and  - justice - which comes before peace. And in 'a state for all its citizens'.  Leyla Khalid.

Finally, view this with your family - and not within the foetid bubble of 'Westminster'. If there are infants there, so much the better - to see the lights of the tree of Christ Mass reflected in their lovely eyes. This is a 4 minute video recording of children of the Friends School of Ramallah singing with absolute determination and love of life - as against a Death Cult overshadowing them.

And I attach first a most harrowing account from a press conference by the Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, on the 64th day of the aggression on the Gaza Strip.  That is the Health Ministry of the current Hamas government, its forum now rubble - as the Stern Gang planned for our House of Commons in 1946.

Second is a statement by the WHO of today which with the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and with support from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS), completed a high-risk mission to Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City All part of this Death Cult.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS   Devon

ps I promulgate and contribute to Global Research based in Montreal, with editor-in-chief Michel Chossudovsky.  This has just come in as a selected article -

The first video cited is that above - of the children at the Friends School. The second, taken off a 'platform', should not be seen by any human.

In now at 12.30 pm GMT

And consider -