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The slopes of this South Devon valley are filling with greens of every hue. The wild cherry blossom has floated between land and air. The buzzard buteo buteo soars in the azure sky of this most beautiful spring.

He searches the ground for carrion with which to feed two swelling chicks. This is provided by rabbits which are going through yet another cycle of terrible suffering and death from the myxoma virus. This was introduced into the UK in 1953 deliberately.

The vultures wheel over Libya beside the drones but roasted carrion is not their usual feast. The flag of the Kingdom of Libya is being waved in victory. The jubilant rebels have decided on discretion rather than valour. The charred skeletons of the government tank crew have been left below and cannot join the party. Perhaps the celebrants know that the 'coalition' dispense U238 as liberally as their illusory democracy.
The vultures scent the sweet crude and see all that easy land for US bases banished by Ghaddafi. These predators are being assisted, as per usual, by the State Broadcaster (BBC) with Channel 4 close behind. Tanks are being 'taken out' but never, never are the crews within mentioned by the newsreaders. The significance of these olive skinned humans are asgrains of sand. But it is over in a flash. 'So humane, so why refer to the husbands, sons and fathers?' A millisecond or two after the armour is punctured by uranium depleted of U235 alone, the fireball cremates the crew within a few more milliseconds.

The minute solid particles resulting from combustion of the U238 with its infinite half life of 4.5 billion years rise in the thermals above the blistered tank. Some will settle, and some will stay in the air at all levels, eventually dispersing in every direction. Inhalation will ensure the most intimate contact with the cells of all mammals. The ionizing radiation of the germ cells in ovary or testis will lead to birth deformity as witnessed as an epidemic by the mothers and doctors in Fallujah.

The plans for the evisceration of Libya were long laid by the vultures. The myxoma virus of the blackest of black propaganda is being squirted into the nervous systems of homo non-sapiens to allow many to believe the process is benign. 'We are aiding revolution and saving Arabs from themselves'. The State Broadcaster leads the mega-wattage and is fed by serried ranks of able liars in the FCO, the Downing Street Media Unit and the Ministry of 'Defence'. Lying is now our heavy industry in blood soaked Albion.

The joint statement of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy - “For that transition to succeed, Colonel Ghaddafi must go, and go for good. At that point, the United Nations and its members should help the Libyan people as they rebuild where Ghaddafi has destroyed — to repair homes and hospitals, ….” Did they say rebuild the hospitals and medical services that 12 years of sanctions and Shock and Aweing destroyed in Iraq?

Every evil allegation is heaped on Muamar and his army. Three cluster bombs were used in Misrata. The allegation was backed up by Human Rights Watch but its chief executive, Kenneth Roth, has already shown his partisanship towards the 'rabbles'. 'The Security Council has at last lived up to its duty'. Bouckaert, another HRW representative, had given weight to the alleged gang rape of Eman Al-Obeidi. This distressed lady had aired her claim before a room full of foreign journalists. Channel 4 showed the segment two nights running. It would be unusual for such a terrible crime to take place in a nation where 97% are Muslims, and rare also for the victim to shout about it to a crowd. How did Bouckaert come to an opinion on Eman?

As for the three cluster bombs read this by Craig Murray. Our ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan, who 'outed' the most grotesque torture of devout Muslims for 'intelligence' which flowed to Langley and thence to MI6, records how the US has the largest stocks of cluster bombs and that it has resisted joining the cluster bomb ban. The UK, with its usual treachery, has signed but agrees to hold stocks for the US on this sceptred isle. The use of thousands by 'Israel' on the Lebanese people in 2006 is not recalled by the UK media.

This morning, the funereal sounding Orla Guerin, spoke of one hundred rebel injuries and several deaths. Again the government forces and civilians had no mention. Death and injury is not their lot. She said that they were 'exhausted by death' in Misrata. The pilots of the British Typhoons, Tornadoes and French Mirages were not exhausted so by death. Their very accurate 'fire and forget' missiles erased only concrete and metal. Thus there are no loyal Libyan deaths.

The State Broadcaster has been very selective in its news dissemination. Aware that our premier liar has promised 'no boots on the ground', it has been careful to maintain that illusion. There has been no national news of 'deployment'. (They are good on sanitary words - ' in theatre', 'operational tasking' These are fragments of the public school lexicon of killing.) But here, in the South West of England, BBC Southwest has been spilling the beans. It reckons that almost every local will know warships have been embarking Royal Marines in Plymouth. However, we were told they were going in case 'humanitarian help' was needed in Libya and, rather darkly, for the possible evacuation of UK citizens from other Middle Eastern countries in event of disturbance or similar. The video showed troops loading humanitarian rocket launchers.

The MoD said the newly-formed Response Force Task Group (RFTG) would be taking part in multi-national amphibious exercises in the Mediterranean and later in the Indian Ocean. HMS Albion, Type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland, and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cardigan Bay were sailing as the lead element of the RFTG, which is held at "very high readiness" to respond to "unexpected global events". HMS Albion, a landing platform dock capable of carrying more than 600 people, left Devonport just after 0800 BST 14 April. A closer look at Albion at sea - Task group commander, Cmdr John Kingwell, said: "Cougar 11 is an important opportunity to develop international inter-operability and build long-term defence relationships, and for the RFTG to demonstrate operational contingent capability." (We are used to gold braid bullshit.)

The MoD said the ships and troops from Taunton-based 40 Commando would be there "to develop and demonstrate contingent capability for UK defence - in effect, the ability to respond to short-notice tasking across a diverse range of defence activities such as disaster relief, humanitarian aid, or amphibious operations".

Devonport-based submarine HMS Triumph has just returned to the base after operations against pro-Gaddafi forces. Cdr Rob Dunn said: "I am proud of my ship's company. They went about their duty and carried out all I asked of them in the most professional way.

"They are naturally satisfied that they carried out an operational tasking using our Tomahawk land attack missiles weapon system, which does not happen very often, but for which they are highly trained and prepared for at any time."

Whilst ships, men and ammunition were rapidly loaded at Devonport Plymouth, Royal Fleet Auxiliary Largs Bay was loading at Hythe dock in Southampton Water.

The dock is supplied by its own railway so the munitions are kept away from the proles who pay for them. BBC South also kept the public in ignorance of happenings in Hythe. There is only a village nearby, and the oil refinery of course!

These benign activities are all to do with Operation Cougar at the perfidious Albion end. They are alleged to have been 2 years in the planning. One function, according to the Ministry of Truth and 'Defence', is “preventing conflict.” ' These units have now deployed and have been selected for their ability to remain on task for as long as is required.' “More units will sail to join the lead elements later this year.”

These are all the elements of the Response Force Task Group:-
Landing Platform Dock (LPD) HMS Ocean Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH) HMS Liverpool Type 42 Destroyer HMS Sutherland Type 23 Frigate HMS Triumph Trafalgar Class Submarine RFA Argus Aviation Training and Casualty Receiving Ship RFA Mounts Bay Landing Platform RFA Cardigan Bay Landing Platform HMS Albion Oil Replenisher RFA Fort Rosalie 40 Cdo Royal Marines 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines The Armoured Support Group Two Lynx Mk 9 Helicopters from Joint Helicopter Command Two Sea King Mk4 Helicopters from Joint Helicopter Command One Lynx Helicopter from 815 Naval Air Squadron

The very big supremo of the NATO 'peace keeping' and civilian saving force is Canadian Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard. He has studied 'defence' in the US of A and it shows.

“The head of Nato in Libya, Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, said Col Gaddafi's forces had employed what he called underhand and immoral tactics in their seven-week drive to dislodge the rebels from the city. 'Inside the city it's a very difficult tough situation.

The Gaddafi forces have taken their uniforms off, they're hiding on rooftops of mosques, hospitals, schools, that's where their heavy equipment is positioned, near mosques, near schools, and they're shielding themselves with women and children.

So when people ask me why aren't you doing something, well I'm not going to lower to his level. I'm not going to do the kind of warfare that he's doing. My job's to help the population," he said, in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.”

We can visualise there are at least 50 vessels standing for freedom in the eastern Mediterranean, including at least one USS nuclear powered and nuclear armed aircraft carrier. There will be at least 10 submarines.
The buzzard sees the humans crawling on the earth below and he mews
"What though the spicy breezes blow soft o’er Ceylon’s isle; Though every prospect pleases, and only man is vile?” Heber

The cuckoo is quiet and sitting tight. But the wires are busy – Bibi to Hillary to 'I am a Zionist' Cameron to Sarkozy. Bibi knows of fellow 'Israeli' Oded Yinon who in the 80's studied how the Arab entities might be destabilized and divided into digestible pieces. (See on line Ralph Schoenman's 'The Hidden History of Zionism' Chapter 12. It is most revealing.) So things are going pretty well.

The actual axis of evil is very busy. One pole, the dominant one, is in Tel Aviv. The other pole is Washington. In the middle is London, and now Paris. London gives the axis propriety with all the flummery. It also gives its cunning and its historical knowledge of imperialism. The power shifts backward and forward along that axis as busily as those jets carrying the psychopaths who pull the triggers. Whilst Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi waits for his high explosive execution, (NATO bombed a bunker in central Tripoli last night) read his long, coherent speech to that sham of shams, the United Nations. Certainly not a member of that axis of evil.

That UN was formed in some sort of hope after yet another war to end wars. Have Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama and the rest of the murderous gang read this?

"All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations...Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter."

UN Charter - 1: Purposes and Principles