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By Craig Murray  November 26 2014

These are the top salaries at the Save the Children fund.

CEO Justin Forsyth £139,950
COO Anabel Hoult £139,950
COO / CFO & Strategic Initiatives Rachel Parr £131,970
Global Programmes Director Fergus Drake £113,300
Fundraising Director Tanya Steele £112,200
Marketing & Comms Director Sue Allchurch £111,920
Policy & Advocacy Director Brendan Cox £106,029
CFO Peter Banks £102,000
HR Director Paul Cutler £100,980
The UK average salary is 26,500.

StC has just given Tony Blair its “Global Legacy” award. What kind of people like Tony Blair? People who earn over 100,000. I am not sure that if you put money in a tin, or bought from their charity shop, you thought you were paying that many fat salaries. There are also gold plated pensions and other benefits. Justin Forsyth, the CEO, of course worked in Tony Blair’s neo-con policy unit.

Your 'Journey' has been long on miles but absent of humanity, reason and law. 'It can only get better'. Could it have got any worse? Your vapour trails have left millions weeping. One million of those are widows in Iraq, at least 1.2 million humans are with their Allah, five million orphans and four million refugees. We will leave out the blood and the mayhem you have left in Afghanistan, Somalia and the Yemen. You sprang from each jet with strange eyes ablaze with more lies and plans for yet more Muslim decimation. You had been re-fuelled at high altitude by your fellow psychopath Campbell and other 'advisers' like Manning.

You joined the dummy Bush over blood-oozing steaks in April 2002. The false flag of 9/11 had been repeated by the media megaphones of the UK/US/Israel axis and the absence of a judicial inquiry ensured the 'big lie, oft repeated' sank into irrational, Mammon possessed populations. All that was modelled in the 'think' tanks with the aim of breaking Iraq, the Arab bastion, for ever. You, and another three of the mafiosi, Aznar, Barroso and Dubya met for an hour in the Azores 16 March. Two of these mafiosi have fascist connections. The capo, Dick Cheney, was home pushing buttons and pulling strings for shocking and awing and burning and blasting. In your 'book' you wrote that Cheney wanted a wholesale reorganization of the political map of the Middle East after 9/11. The vice president "would have worked through the whole lot, Iraq, Syria, Iran, dealing with all their surrogates in the course of it -- Hezbollah, Hamas, etc,". [1]

Image I stand here because I have strong passions and beliefs. My central motivation is the child. When I look into the happy blue eyes of our three girl grandchildren, I see the two billion children in our world. Each child is precious and not one should be hurt in the least way. I believe in the sanctity of life. As a surgeon, I heal and do not harm. I grew up in a family where to lie was sinful. And the underdog was not to be kicked around. Gentleness and sensitivity grew strong within me.

Many share my instincts but most of those in power do not. All living creatures and our most wonderful and beautiful world are threatened by humans who climb to power and who harm every single thing their claws can gouge – like Rumsfeld's claws.

Totnes Civic Hall Sunday April 27 11.30 am

A complex history of great sadness and lawlessness. I can only pick out a few salient things. My central concern is with Palestine – the hinge of humanity, but I will take in Iraq and Afghanistan which are also part of Judaeo-Christian imperialism. They are all of a piece, a continuum. My outrage about what is going on in these places will be obvious to you and I hope that all of you will share that outrage with me.

My reason for standing here – A doctor and surgeon stands for healing, and not for harming. I cannot stand seeing any creature harmed. And when I sign my name I prefix that with 'for truth, reason and justice – the three legs of my talk.

At the end of my talk I will give you my ideas as to how nations/entities can murder, maim and occupy in defiance of international laws and our presumed humanity, and how we might turn the foul tide. And in question time, we will discuss how we, the citizens, might stop the Gaderene rush to the abyss.

This subject is very close to my heart. This is not an academic dissertation but a talk based on my own observations, feelings and ethos.


Historical perspective - What was happening just over 90 years ago? Third battle of Gaza. Turkish and British each had ten divisions. The British had enlisted Arab help in driving the Turks from Palestine after General Allenby promised them independence!


In the Autumn of 1917 there were British and French cruisers shelling Gaza. This was one of the many battles being waged by the 'great' powers to carve out their empires; this was the driving force for WW1.

Palestine - the hinge of our humanity? The Middle East in Flames
3-08-06 Totnes Civic Hall

Why am I here and not making something good in my workshop?

1. Taught to be truthful, a lesson which obviously passed over most of the political class. Being truthful also means speaking out.

2. I cannot stand seeing underdogs kicked around

3. As an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon all my efforts, and those of the good people with me, were devoted to healing tissue and in relieving pain – not in blasting bodies apart.

4. The bombing of the Afghan people by B52s from 32,000ft in the Autumn of 2001 galvanised me; I have not rested since.

5. My central motivation is the love of the child. We have two happy grand-daughters, Isabel and Nel. I look into their beautiful eyes and see the two billion other children on our planet. They are all equally precious; not one should be harmed.

I approach my analysis of this both as a doctor and an orthopaedic surgeon. I am helped in having been trained at St Mary’s with young people from other countries and having had many young doctors helping me in the beleaguered NHS who came here to train from all parts of the world including the Middle East and Afghanistan. I know the reality of death and torn bodies from dealing at first hand with the casualties of the dominant motor vehicle. My training and mentality help me get to the nub of a problem. Even-handedness drives me to write this piece.

It may be fruitful to treat terrorism as we do a disease process: