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I recommend that people read this full account of the US/Trump stance by Professor Chossudovsky, editor of Global Research.  It contains many facts which will never be given by the most corrupt western 'media'.  You have to go on line to find any truths -

Quote re US/UK air attacks within Syrian and Iraqi air space

'The air raids were intended to destroy the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria.'

I add my amateur assessment of the hair trigger for WW3 in the Persian Gulf as of 14-06-19, published in Global Research

Search ' david halpin persian gulf' >  one of several but this in particular -

Part 2: Step 2.

Left Right Right! Shun! High Port Arms! Take Aim!!

I woke early, for a usual visit, and with a sixth sense and sensitive antennae of the natural sort, switched on that which the Foreign (and Commonwealth/Colonial Office/Windrush) Office was pumping trough the World Service which it funds from our taxes. It calls itself ‘The world’s radio station’. It is a canny mix of the excellent broadcast and obvious propagandare nero (PN). It is switched from BBC Radio 4 just after the beguiling lullaby Sailing By and a ‘’News’’ clip.

There was ‘news’, around 4am of the Dictator, and ‘Crown Prince’, Mohammad Ben Salman – MBS to you.