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We know that the NHS is under threat. It’s struggling to provide the services and care that patients need with the limited funding it has available. We’ve heard about it from politicians and the media - but what about people’s real-life experiences? What about the voices from those on the front-line?


One of the saddest and most poignant moments of the investigation of the Iraq war was the death of ‪#‎DrDavidKelly‬, the weapons inspector who was found dead back in 2003 having given compelling testimony that the allegations of Saddam Hussein´s Weapons of Mass Destruction were unfounded. ‪#‎DavidHalpin‬ is a retired orthopedic surgeon and activist who has been instrumental in questioning the official narrative as regards the death of Dr. David Kelly and he will join me today.

Please note, this is not a video, but an Internet radio broadcast.

David Halpin on Gaza, Oded Yinon, NHS and more.

Please note, this is not a video, but an Internet radio broadcast.


David Halpin FRCS A talk given to an audience in Totnes town hall at the Alternative View meeting 27 April 2008. Palestine is at the 'hinge of humanity'. Any discussion must start with Judaeo-Christian imperialism. The meaning of the word 'holocaust' was defined – industrial killing by the Nazist of Jews and others. Other examples were given – the genocide of the north America Indian c. 20million. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were holocausts in every detail. The sad history of Palestine was told and its torment stretching from the British mandate up to the present day. Slides were shown of refugees fleeing from terror and force of arms from their homes, land and living in '48.

It was concluded that the Palestinian people had been subjected to ethnic cleansing, a form of genocide and not a holocaust. The complicity of the western nations in the torment of the Palestinian people was recognised, and their lawlessness in the assaults on Afghanistan and Iraq. Images of Ali Abbas showed the depth of evil.

Finally, David laid out carefully what each person should do to kerb state lawlessness and the terrible suffering arising out of it.


A talk on the current state of the NHS, by David Halpin MB BS FRCS


Dr. David Halpin in an interview with RT said he hopes that British, American and Israeli politicians responsible for war crimes will be held accountable in his lifetime.


A wide ranging interview which spoke for truth in the nation, and against the corruption at the top of government and in the tiers of power below. A possible reason for the likely assassination of Dr Kelly was stated. That is his possible knowledge about the incineration of the arms of Ali Abbas, his parents and ten relatives was most likely caused by a nuclear weapon. ** The most intense, short lived thermal or nuclear energy must have been the agent for such terrible injuries to Ali and his twelve relatives. A neutron shell as being the likely weapon was not mentioned in the interview but it is here.

Israeli arrests and abuses of Palestinian Children, the impact on them and the impact on soldiers.

Israeli arrests and abuses of Palestinian Children, the impact on them and the impact on soldiers.

Synopsis. Why war - Y chromosome a big factor, a psychopathic personality another. The crucial importance of a warm and tender upbringing is discussed. The paradigm of the image of the baby on his mother's breast, an image of unconditional love is counterpoised against that of the warrior with ever more evil war machines.

Ali Abbas is shown, the incineration of his arms caused by a thermonuclear device. This also caused the incineration of his parents and ten relatives. An image of the paramount psychopath, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, is shown with his confident smile at the inauguration of the BLAIRFAITHFOUNDATION in Toronto 5 December 2008


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