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10 Downing Street

April 17th 2018

Oh to be in England, now its Bombs Away (apologies to Robert Browning)

Dear Prime Minister,

As a healer for these past 50 years, I wish you and your cabinet to note this analysis. It is obvious to a child that your order to bomb three sites in Syria had no basis in 'international law', although that has been shredded by HMG and others. That the twittering psychopath Trump took the lead confirmed the absence of any law.

Mr Stride,     MP for Central Devon and  Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Paymaster General


Mr Balchin told me that a letter from another constituent from Central Devon had been sent to the FCO, that being similar - allegedly.  I had had no way to judge that having had no response from you to my letters of 27-06-17 and 30-06-17.

and no sight of the letter from the other constituent -anonymised. Your assistant had not informed me of this unusual arrangement.  'A letter from Mr X will do for Halpin.'

Aside from automated replies, you have not sent ONE WORD to me.  I am writing about the likelihood of HMG being party to further killing and maiming - under pretext - as usual.

Urgent E-mail to my Mr Stride, MP for Central Devon, further to that of 27-06-17 (below and with automatic response only)

Sarin Use at Khan Sheikhoun in Syria. The Response of the UK Foreign Secretary

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — 30 June 2017 — In a report released by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) confirmed that people were exposed to sarin, a chemical weapon, on 4 April 2017 in the Khan Shaykhun area, Idlib Province in the Syrian Arab Republic.

(This comes, conveniently, a few days after threats made by Messrs Trump and Spicer.)



The assertion of Mr Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary as broadcast on the BBC Today programme today (30-06-17)

“There is abundant evidence that the Assad regime (or similar) was responsible …..


There has been much talk from the UK about the need to 'topple' President Doctor Bashar Assad, and one assumes in the manner of President Ghaddafi.

Has Mr Johnson been rational in his analysis of the maelstrom in Syria, created by the UK,US, NATO countries , and Israel along with the surrogates in the Arabian Peninsula?

He has shown no balance but only an arrogant disregard for the further loss and maiming of Syrian people, and the creation of yet more terrified refugees.

'Bring peace and stability to Syria' says Cameron
PM yesterday  13.00 hrs  3-09-15

Dear Mr Stride,

I was very pleased to hear that Mr Mercer and Mr Burrowes had spoken for the refugees from Syria.  No doubt they would include those from Libya.

The moral obligation is complete given that the UK has joined with others in overthrowing the Syrian state as it exists.  The 'rebels', almost all imported terrorists who are supported by the surrogates of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are also given communications equipment by us and the SAS are active there I am told.  UK Tornado bombers have been on sortie against IS without the knowledge of parliament.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Syria was a stable country, albeit with some Sunni undercurrents.  Its growth rate was 10% I think before the 'rebellion'.

Dear Mr Stride,

This citizen, constituent and tax payer wishes you to answer the question at the foot.

I have just read a transcript of Mr Hague's speech at the UN.

It is fair to say that every sentence is a lie or a distortion.  A few examples of many:-

"We have not turned the desire for peace ..."   - Nothing could be further from the truth.  HMG has provided funds, communication equipment and political support to a ragtag of armed bands.  To that they have added sanctions, which are of dubious legality.