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This video details Israeli involvement in the blackmarket trading of human organs.


"The ramming of the Dignity by an Israeli gunboat with clear lethal intent at 05.30 hrs 30 December 2008, 53 miles off the Israeli coast". The Dignity, with 16 souls on board, was badly damaged. The Israeli gunboats would not let its master proceed to Gaza as he had intended. Instead it made a northerly course to Tyre in Lebanon.

The 15 minute disc is made from extracts of an interview given by David Halpin of the Dove and Dolphin Charity and also from a talk given by him to the Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign after his return from Beirut. Along with the others on the boat, he intended to join his sisters and brothers in Gaza within the shoah that had fallen upon them 27 December with 200 people being killed in the first 15 minutes of the blitzkrieg. He was also going to represent and to offer his service as a doctor and surgeon should it be needed.


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Length 10 minutes.

David Halpin FRCS A talk given to an audience in Totnes town hall at the Alternative View meeting 27 April 2008. Palestine is at the 'hinge of humanity'. Any discussion must start with Judaeo-Christian imperialism. The meaning of the word 'holocaust' was defined – industrial killing by the Nazist of Jews and others. Other examples were given – the genocide of the north America Indian c. 20million. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were holocausts in every detail. The sad history of Palestine was told and its torment stretching from the British mandate up to the present day. Slides were shown of refugees fleeing from terror and force of arms from their homes, land and living in '48.

It was concluded that the Palestinian people had been subjected to ethnic cleansing, a form of genocide and not a holocaust. The complicity of the western nations in the torment of the Palestinian people was recognised, and their lawlessness in the assaults on Afghanistan and Iraq. Images of Ali Abbas showed the depth of evil.

Finally, David laid out carefully what each person should do to kerb state lawlessness and the terrible suffering arising out of it.
Length 53 minutes.

A video-recording of a talk given by David Halpin at the Global Centre and at the invitation of the Exeter branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. It starts with a history of the Zionist entity and the maps. The ramming of the Dignity on 30 December, 53 miles off the coast of the entity (Israel) is described and the lethal intent emphasised.
Length 52 minutes.

The voyage of the Dove and Dolphin on MV Barbara from Torquay in the UK to Ashdod in Israel was conceived and lead by David Halpin. The crew was Danish, there were four British passengers including David and there were 50 tons of flour, cheese, vegetable oil, milk powder and olive oil in the hold. There were also a thousand pounds worth of dressings from Dr Hamami, 1.2 tons of waste carpet wool for weaving, and clothes and blankets.
This journey took place in the first two weeks of February 2003, six weeks before the illegal war on Iraq was unleashed. It was a cry for justice in Palestine, a shout against the looming war on Iraq and a demonstration of our common humanity. This film is a pastiche of TV broadcasts and amateur video recordings taken inside Gaza. It starts in darkness with the officer of the watch being interrogated from a fixed wing plane in the eastern Mediterranean.
Length 20 minutes.

An Interview with David Halpin FRCS'. Interviewer Anas Altikriti for Jusoor Al Hiwar. David opens his heart. He speaks of his motivation, of his strong belief that 9/11 and 7/7 were 'false flag operations'. The evil of the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq is discussed. Being his central concern and focus of action, he speaks of the torment of the Palestinian people.

Length 54 minutes.