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Dear 'Think' TV,

I seldom watch your programme nowadays because the black propaganda element is so large.  It was confirmed tonight.  I have not 'played it again' but hope my memory serves.  Mr Frei introduced the subject of riotous behaviour at Bassingbourn Barracks and Ms Hilsum reported from the site.

Drunkeness and sexual assaults on women were among the charges against the cadets.  A picture was painted of an amoral rabble. (You will recall that in the armed action to overthrow Ghaddafi the 'rebels' were sometimes called rabbles.)

The social context behind these young men was absent.  I recall that 97% of the Libyan population were Muslim, and 3% Christian.  Few watching your broadcast might know that alcohol and ANY assault on a woman is haram.

You referred to these men being selected by the Libyan government. Is there a government?

You did not refer to the mayhem caused by the bombing carried out by the US, the UK, France and Italy, with the killing of between 15,000 and 50,000 civilians in Sirte and elsewhere.  Whatever their tribal origin, dysfunctional or simple antisocial behaviour might result in young men in a country where everything is upside down.  Killing women and children with Paveway bombs is a sin of a very different order compared with getting drunk on Tesco gin.  This BBC report sheds some different light, and especially the testimony given to it of Omar Al Mukhtar

And the revolting, barbaric end of Muamar Ghaddafi will infect the minds of many.  Imagine if Cameron had been killed that way.

Lawlessness in these young men should be dealt with under our law, of course.

You, with many other outlets, demonise the Arab and the Muslim.  And what have we to teach these men?  The pubs in Exmouth are closed to the Royal Marines at Lympstone because of their violent tendencies. And do not mention Bullingdon.

When you next have a story which shows the Arab in a poor light, do tell the viewers what has been planned for them - and refer to Oded Yinon of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

yours faithfully

David Halpin FRCS