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Dear Mr Benfield and Ms Sitwell,

I will attempt to be brief because I know you have to work hard to get a good paper out. You know from previous e-mails that I have been unhappy about several things. It is not egotism which finally prompts me to write but the knowledge that the Morning Star is exactly that, truth amidst the capitalist and imperial mire.

It was about 8 years ago I met Roger Fletcher on a march when I heard about the MS. I have taken the paper since then, contributed to it and helped it in every possible way. I see there are 67 links to my name on the MS web site and an article, which jars a bit now for its metaphors, is relevant to the further stage in the evisceration of the NHS announced yesterday

But things have changed a bit in the last year or so. The editorial responses to my input are of much lesser importance.
a. You know I was sore that my piece 'Piracy off the Promised Land' was not published. It needed shortening I know and that was easy. The 16 of us on board were doing exactly as the Brigaders did in 1936 and against the same fascism. The difference was that we were not taking up weapons but two of us would have taken up scalpels if the most evil entity had not tried to drown us

It had interesting history which was probably unknown to many MS readers - USS Liberty, and drew a contrast between the Somalian pirates who have not killed bar one or two humans, and the Zionist entity which kills with ease.

b. I was angry that the invited article on our plea for an inquest on Dr Kelly's unnatural death was edited a good deal and lengthened but Ros has responded courteously on that.

c. I was more angry that my article 'Bloody Sunday, Bloody Monday …....' was not accepted. It was apt and contemporary. In the absence of a place in the MS, I put it on the internet where it ran well. I was offered a place on the flotilla but my wife had the great worry of the ramming of the Dignity and I knew that imprisonment without possessions meant I would be without an important heart drug.

So far this is the personal view point. What have I seen instead? (I acknowledge the reporting by the MS of the voyages that aimed to break the draconian siege was excellent.)

Solomon Hughes had the centre pages to tell us that Tory Carswell is venal. This is not news in regard to most in Pugin's Palace.

One Eric Lee is given a 1000 words to reply to a good article by John Haylett 30 June. How many readers, or non-readers in the case of Lee, are accorded such newsprint? Apologists for Zionists and their acts upon this earth should not be given space in a truthful paper. Why not let Abe Foxman have some space? Or Blair?

''Just as Tony Blair became bedazzled by the chance to be a stooge to US imperialist interests, Cameron swiftly cuddled up to the Obama administration and this week pledged absolute support for the adventurism in Afghanistan.'' This is a quote from Paddy McGuffin. ADVENTURISM? I expect that in the Guardian but never read it. The bombardment and invasion of Afghanistan was an aggressive war, the supreme crime of the Nuremberg Principles, once the fig leaf of a Chapter 7 Security Council resolution is peeled away. The fact that the 5 permanent nuclear armed members of the SC have a half Nelson on the world means the word 'adventure' is a foolish choice, a liberal choice. It has been no adventure for the original 2 million refugees in a bitter autumn or to the many maimed and killed.

'Preparing for the titanic battle ahead' Thursday 17 June 2010 Keith Ewing.

This was a good sober piece. However, a revolting photograph of the 5 New Labour leadership candidates with their hands in a hat was plonked in the middle. Millibands, Balls and Burnham are each accessories to the supreme war crimes of Afghanistan and Iraq. They should be portrayed as such and their evil not diluted by their greasy smiles.

And then there is Avnery. You have published letters by me asking that this man should not be given space. I noted I was beguiled by his writing but no more. I have read his current piece on line 'A Tale of Two Cities'. It is entirely typical. ''I told the three MPs that in the end what will be realised will be the vision of two states, …..'' He is joking. He never mentions UNGA 194 and 'return'. The Morning Star should mention both often, otherwise it buries imperial and colonial intent and deed completely. Readers should know what his comrades in the Hagana and in the Zionist terror gangs got up to in 1946 to 48, and before

Avnery should comment on 16 in particular. Why not get a Wehrmacht veteran to write on the Poland he invaded?

I have written in criticism of the wire reports from the 'Middle East'. They look as if they come from AFP or Reuters but often they are skewed, though not as much as the damned BBC's.

9/11 and 7/7 are the pretexts for the 'war on terror' and thus the 'war on Islam'. The Islamic nations suffer domino like under the PNAC. Has the fact that the planning for the bombardment and invasion of Afghanistan started in July 2001 surfaced in the MS? Is PNAC given much room? The evil empire is half way to its planned 'full spectrum dominance on land, on sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace.' A radical and truthful paper should encourage full discussion and exposure of such cataclysmic events or else it serves the empires that conduct these Reichstag fires and which ushered in the killing of over 1 million people in Iraq, 1 million widows, 5 million orphans, 4 million refugees and the destruction of a nation. Of all the flaws in the 9/11 story, the 'collapse' of Tower 7 is the greatest. I was able to allude obliquely to 7/7 being a false flag in an MS article

That neither mass homicide was subjected to the due process of law is extraordinary.

I have wondered why my words do not fit the current Morning Star. Perhaps I am too explicit in my descriptions of Zionism and its myriad acts that torment the native peoples? I value so much about the paper. I almost always agree with the 'editorials', especially during the bankruptcy of the banks. There is much else I value. The front page today on Joe Glenton, whom I did write to, was good and I can guess he will not feature on the ZBC tonight.

However, I have cancelled the paper. I will not be holding it up when I speak about Palestine in public. My one share in PPPS which I bought for £1000 will rest. I will keep an eye open for editorials and pieces by John Haylett and Steve McGiffen for instance. I will rely on the internet entirely.

For truth, reason and justice

David Halpin

ps This bulletin comes every day from NZ. Does Avnery and your foreign reports convey this ubiquitous evil in Palestine, the 'hinge of humanity' as I call it?


In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

24 hours to 8am 12 July 2010

Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG).

Homes and farms under Israeli fire – crops bulldozed Demolition orders on West Bank village houses 1:45am home invasions: Israeli soldiers abduct 17-year-old youth Israeli troops invade and vandalise Hebron homes Protesters beaten with clubs and rifle butts Occupation settlers set fire to crops Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 7 towns and villages 1 attack – 15 raids including home invasions – 3 beaten – 3 injured 7 taken prisoner – 13 detained – 76 restrictions of movement

Home invasions & occupations: 01:45, the town of Qabatiya - 03:20, Tulkarem - 03:20, the Tulkarem refugee camp - 02:40, the town of Sa’ir - 03:05, the town of Beit Awa - 03:10, Hebron.

Peace disruption raids: 09:00, the village of Shuqba - 22:10, Qalqilya - 10:05, the village of As Sawiya - 13:20, the town of Aqraba - 13:20, the town of Qabalan - 16:50, the town of Jamma’in - 00:40-06:00, the village of Awarta - 15:30, the village of Marda - 09:30, the village of Fasayil.

Palestinian attacks: none

Israeli attack – agricultural sabotage:
Khan Yunis – morning, Israeli armoured vehicles and bulldozers, covered by reconnaissance aircraft, invaded farms to the east of Al Qarara, opening fire on houses and agricultures and bulldozing crops.

Home invasions – abduction:
Jenin – 01:45, Israeli soldiers raided the town of Qabatiya, invaded two houses and abducted a 17-year-old youth, Mustafa Ahmad Nazzal.

Home invasions and occupation: Tulkarem – 03:20, the Israeli Army raided the city and the refugee camp, occupied the roof of a house and searched a number of others in the refugee camp.

Home invasion – vandalism: Hebron – 02:40, Israeli troops raided the town of Sa’ir, searched a house, damaged the contents and took a resident prisoner.

Home invasions – vandalism: Hebron – 03:05, the Israeli Army raided the town of Beit Awa, fired stun grenades and flares, searched a house and took a resident prisoner.

Raid – house demolition orders: Jericho – 09:30, Occupation forces raided the village of Fasayil and left demolition orders on three houses.

Non-violent resistance – beatings – injuries – tear gas casualties: Bethlehem – 11:35, a number of demonstrators were beaten and injured by Israeli troops wielding clubs and rifle butts during an assault by Occupation forces on an international anti-annexation Wall protest in Al Kreimzan, Beit Jala. A number of other people were overcome by Israeli tear gas.

Occupation settler violence – agricultural sabotage:
Qalqilya – 20:20, Israeli settler militants set fire to crops on farmland belonging to the village of Immatin.