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To the Devon Local Medical Committee, to the Medical Director of Torbay Hospital Mr Ian Currie, to the Chief Medical Officer at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Professor Adrian Harris, and to Dr Paul Johnson  Chairman of the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group,

Yesterday HMG was pleased to record that 27,000 young adults were logging on for the 'jab' in every hour.  I write as a citizen and well educated and experienced doctor against this activity promoted by NHS England and Public Health England with the necessary complicity of NHS doctors in general practice and in the hospitals.  I bear in mind the miniscule mortality rate in the healthy of all ages who have suffered clinically diagnosed Covid_19 illness without significant co-morbidity.

I have already alerted the GMC to the neglect of a friend of mine who suffered definite adverse effects of the Astra Zeneca Vaccine on the 10th March  Previously I wrote to a general practice underlining the ethical and legal duty to ensure informed consent.

Late last year I wrote of grossly inadequate standards of care both at Torbay Hospital - 6 cases, and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital - 2 

I added more -

This anecdote prompts me to speak up again and to demand the cessation of all 'vaccination' of those under 30, and indeed in those older persons.  The index patient is an acquaintance whom I met yesterday in our local town and whom I have greeted in passing for many years.  A 72 yr old, a happy man of humble origin.  He knows me, and partly from my having replaced arthritic hips in two of his extended family.

To the Chairman of the General Medical Council of GB, Dame Clare Marx DBE DL, FRCS SFFMLM, and former President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England,

from David Halpin MB BS FRCS  and like you, a former trauma and orthopaedic surgeon.  This via Claire Taylor of Enquiries Team of the General Medical Council 3 Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3AW

Dear Madam,

We met briefly when the surgeons, past and present of the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital were celebrating at Exeter University the contributions of my late mentor and colleague Robin Ling.  I believe you were there as a member of the council of Exeter University. (italics - edited by me today 18-05-2021 - and at the foot) I was surprised that you knew me.

I am sure you will share the concerns I have about the neglect by a Newton Abbot general practice of a friend, Derek Hopkins, a self-employed tyre fitter.  I have posted what he and his wife Diana have told me about illness in him which started the same day he received an inoculation (I am avoiding the inaccurate description 'vaccination') on the 10th March.  The post -

The clerical officers are working from home as encouraged by HMG so there has been delay in acknowledgement.  I have written again seeking this.  This is the subsequent correspondence which will be added to the posting on my web site:

David Halpin says this speaks the truth, whilst - like the Gadarene swine, mankind is rushing towards a chasm of unimaginable depth:

From Dr Stephen Malthouse MD, Family practitioner BC

 Dear fellow members,

I and my Canadian team ask that you circulate this email to physicians, scientists, researchers and concerned citizens that you know internationally.

The Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth, which rebuts the recent unethical statement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (Apr 30, 2021), is now up on the internet. We believe that this Declaration has global significance.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, the regulatory medical College has publicly stated that doctors must now follow public health policy, even when it is harming patients, or face punishment. This issue is not only about the province of Ontario or even the physicians of Canada. It is an international concern regarding unethical overreach by authorities that affects the way doctors practice or fear to practice in all countries around the world. It does not allow us to put the welfare of our patients first.

A kite via PA under 'World News' WMN? Professor Adam Finn Bristol Uni

Professors’ have been cloned it seems.

Merriam-Webster b: an individual grown from a single somatic cell or cell nucleus and genetically identical to it. Science and logic out the window. Shame on them. No replies from Finn because he has no answers.


Dear Professor Finn, 7-04-2021

I heard overnight that the AZ/OVG inoculation trial on children 6-17 years has been 'paused' whilst there is further investigation of clotting and thromcocytopenia as reported in some adults.  I have not had time to find the details but wish you to note that many experts had forecast this and that there was evidence early on of this particular 'adverse' effect. An anecdote from the US of a fit 50 yr old scuba diving physician who suffered thrombocytopenia, clotting and death, and there were others.  A variant of 'consumption coagulopathy' one might surmise.  'Variants' much in the fear machine.  

In searching  'oxford childrens vaccine  trial' I saw first this Al Jazeera report of 10 hours ago

I read you are quoted -

"Adam Finn, professor of paediatrics at Britain’s University of Bristol, said that the benefits continued to outweigh the risks.

We need to know more about the people affected and we need to understand exactly how the illnesses came about,” he said.

If you are currently being offered a dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, your chances of remaining alive and well will go up if you take the vaccine and will go down if you don’t,” he added."

What is your evidence based on sciences within medicine, and on scientific method, for the latter statement by you?

I have not yet received a response to my letter to yourself as yet.

To Ms Woodman, presenter of BBC Spotlight 15-03, Mr Ben Woolvin  Home Affairs Correspondent, Mr Hugh Pym  Health Editor BBC, Chief Contable TVP Mr Campbell, Chief Constable Sawyer - Devon and Cornwall Police, Ms Alison Hernandez - Crime Commissioner, Mr Nick Night  Editor Mid Devon Advertiser  and last but not least, Mr Philip Bowern Western Morning News.

Dear Ms Woodman,  usually of Inside Out,

I watched your evening 'news' last night -  (For bcc list - link expunged at 7.30 tonight)

I avoid the BBC mostly, as many do.  I prefer not to hear 'lockdown', covid, Johnson, face coverings etc which are in every minute of BBC broadcasts, but I do enjoy such as Countryfile, the old versions of All Creatures Great and Small, and Monty's Gardening Programme - being a keen gardener and plantsman.

Last night  - 5 deaths at Sidford Care Home, and 9 in one in Exmouth.  But see in my letter to CC TVP, ** reference to deaths in Welsh care home, and in your broadcast 2-03-2021 deaths at Appleby Lodge Care Home Callington.

Ms Jansen was spinning in strict line with the preposterous propagandare nero re Covid_19 that the State Broadcaster has pumped out in every hour since March 2020.  At centre was the proposition that having had the Astra Zeneca 'vaccine' (I presume not the PfizerBionTech variant) those residents and staff will be protected from the disease!

There are several 'junk' words which are current as societal disintegration continues apace in 'Great Britain'.  They are intended to give the illusion that we live in a democracy and that those in positions of leadership care properly for the people they 'govern' - currently rule.

In this case, to do with an assault on children when their parents have been brain washed viciously through fear of an unusual viral infection, the relevant word is 'safe guarding'.  Again - with or without a hyphen.

There is no evidence that the TVP is concerned re 'safe-guarding' in this instance, when a well informed citizen, who cares deeply about the child, has written in obvious concern.

The office of the Thames Valley Police   - website    5 'results'  ?The most relevant one 

I am writing this preface to the posting FIVE DAYS after sending this below to the Chief Constable.  So far there has not even been a brief acknowledgement which the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary always send.  I have recorded my appreciation of this directly - previously.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

.. if children can be protected from COVID-19 with this new vaccine called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19.

Letter from David Halpin MB BS FRCS 15thFebruary 2021


Dear National Institute for Health Research and Oxford Vaccine Group Oxford secretariat, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Several fellow doctors and myself have concerns about this trial on children aged 6 to 17 as described here: and containing the quote in the header above.

Our concerns relate especially to what is called 'informed consent'. The described trial is just that - a trial, and any benefit yet to be proved, in an age group with a minuscule mortality rate in the UK.

One of our number wrote this -

Dear Janet, Jo, John and other bccs and Mid Devon Advertiser + two BBC journalists without medical qualification, - Hugh Pym and Ben Woolvin Spotlight Home Affairs Correspondent.

Andrew our son, and Izzy and Nel meet many people through Andrew's building supply firm, Smart Build, which continues to flourish ** - men doing work in their homes and gardens whilst off work, the complacent MCs using their 'savings' for new kitchens, loft extensions etc, and most importantly, the freedom for construction workers to be 'allowed' to work 'socially distanced'!!  As you know the latter policy - part of the 'great reset', is to stimulate box building, ''electric'' cars, etc so everyone is in insurmountable debt. The more people buy into 'never never' ''financing'', the more they become never never minds and of course, can never have freedom of thought and DISSENT after analysis of the avalanche of lies and corruption racing down upon them.

Workers told Andrew in ?April that a temporary mortuary had been built on an industrial estate in Exeter (Marsh Barton or Sowton - massive.  See the car showrooms in the former).  At the same time a permanent one was being built at Greenway, a large almost submerged estate in open country owned by a ? 'mafia' family - Carter.

I wrote to local publicans and hoteliers 17-1-2021 encouraging them to open as the restaurants were doing in their thousands in Italy - posted on my web site now:

I included the Chief Constable of the Devon and Cornwall Police Force to whom I have written previously. As always there has been an automatic message saying that senior officers read all e-mails to the chief. I respect this courtesy, and the fact that the CC has an open e-mail address. It underlines the fact that in taking their oath to defend our laws, and thus ourselves, they are governing us by consent. They are citizens too, and they will see relatives losing their livelihoods, and sometimes their physical and mental health.

But I have had no words back from my friends in the local pubs and hotels. Sue and I share in the loss of being able to have a bite and moderate drink in a local, to associate with others, to have a joke and to inform each other, and get to know the name of a good local plumber builder or whatever.

These owners or licensees will be afraid of the “law” and the threat of large fines. Happily the police in Devon and Cornwall have been reticent I believe in enforcing a stream of often contradictory guidance, rules and actual ‘statutes’. Read A Spotlight BBC presenter haranguing our Chief Constable – for not being STASI like.

But what of our law-abiding rulers, who a majority of a timid and obedient public continue to obey?

Good news. E-mail to local pubs and hotels, and the Chief Constable. He has an unenviable job - between the 'crime commissioner and the No 10 junta'

Dear local hotels and pubs, and Chief Constable Sawyer - with respect,

I have written at least twice over the last 8 months encouraging you to stand against fascism (att my definition ** and see below), slid in through a long held plan.  This is not 'conspiracy theory'.  Find out about the 'World Economic Forum', its meeting with others in October 2019, and the lead WEF psychopath 'Professor' Scwab.

Search UN - New World Order - and at least see the intro in this official 'United Nations' ' website.  One feature, along with others like unprecedented and ruthless censorship, is that it is 'all in our faces'.  They laugh in our faces just as they measure much, through for instance, the Behavioural Insights Team lead by Dr David Halpern in Westminster.  (Formerly ensconced in No 10 but now too big for that.)  All that CCTV footage in a country with more CCTV than any other 'democracy', that will show 99% of a gullible and timid public wearing filthy masks/Petri dishes as they queue - anti-social distancing at the food monoliths or the petrol stations.  (eg Trago where the diesel fuel for my Hilux - for logs to customers, is 10% cheaper than the rest).

You might not have had to put up with interception of your post or the blocking of some e-mails, or much else, as I have had (going way back to the Dove and Dolphin Voyage to Gaza 1-02-2003)

BUT the time has come to shed timidity and blind obedience where there is no 'science' but only control - ever being advanced, as for instance in the constant stream of ridiculous rules.  eg  Pasty verboten, but Scotch/Sturgeon egg OK.   All measuring public ductility.