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Date:     Mon, 6 Apr 2020 21:23:35 +0100

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you. I am encouraged that you have contacted the Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland MP QC.  I am copying this to my six doctor colleagues/signatories.  I should be grateful to hear his response as soon as possible.

yours sincerely

David Halpin

On 06/04/2020 11:54 am, STRIDE, Mel wrote:

Dear Mr Halpin,

Thank you for your e-mails.

You should have received an auto-response to your earlier e-mail, which was not diverted to junk.  My apologies that this did not come through.

I have shared the text of your original e-mail on Mr Assange with the Lord Chancellor and will let you know when I have a response.

Thank you again.
With best wishes,



URGENT  Mel Stride  MP - Central Devon

Dear Mr Stride,

I have had no reply to this, not even an 'automatic' one.  I have had automatic responses from Mr Buckland, and the four other MPs of my doctor colleagues.

I 'phoned your HOC office - 'not manned at present.'  Your Devon office - no ringing.  Just silence.

Under the FOI statute I ask this question - 'Are e-mail's from this address being diverted/filtered into a junk box.?'

The public has heard no more re the possible release of 8000 remand prisoners.  We had pleaded that Julian Assange should be among them - the risk of Covid-19 being very great in him given his very poor physical and mental state as induced by deliberate HMG policy.

We have heard of several thousands of convicted prisoners being released - possibly.

Please inform me, and through me my senior medical colleagues, what is the policy and the actions of the MoJ in this.  If Julian Assange should contract this virus in Belmarsh whilst he is on remand for skipping bail the guilty party will be the MoJ and HMG, and not the 'justice' system.

David Halpin FRCS


To the MP for Central Devon  29-02-20  1.30 pm

Dear Mr Stride,

I wrote to you about a most grotesque distortion of judicial process in the land of the Magna Carta.  You are my MP.  You are well rewarded for that with £80,000 pa, and with a very good pension in prospect.  I forget the financial arrangements re. severance, but I know they are generous too.

I am not writing to Pontius Pilate.  Your arrogance, and your absent concern for our dear country is carried very clearly in your words below.  In short, you cannot see, as I have said, that 'truth is on the cross' in 'Woolwich Crown Court'.  There a human is trapped, almost in silence, in a bullet proof glass box.  Great shame on you.

Your responses to me, a conscientious citizen who has healed thousands with good teams by his side, have been delayed and always at least oblique.  You might recall that I asked you last October whether Saudi Arabia was a formal ally of the UK.  You forwarded 'flannel' from a Permanent Secretary at the FCO, and I imagine that I replied as to its ingenuous nature.

I have the measure of you and so do many others.  I look forward to your being kicked out.  I stood as an Independent candidate in the Newton Abbot constituency in this latest 'snap' election.  I had many warm messages.  One came from a member of Devon Conservative Association.  The person knew you well and said very clearly, and I quote, that you are a liar.  I would not say that.  I do say you are evasive, that you mouth concern for the existence say of Community Hospitals whilst your party removes them piece by piece as planned, and that you and your ilk have lowered Britain to the depths.  'Neo-liberal' is a gross euphemism for the agency of a degree of destruction which threatened our great nation in WW2.

The pendulum has almost swung to its limit.  The many people I know, speak with and correspond with, are seeing the part that a coalition of the worst in UK 'politics' has played in the dismantling of public services and the terrible harm done to millions of our citizens.  Even more harm has been done to many millions abroad via the Ministry of War.  I look forward to your removal from our national forum.  You are worth very little.

I am pleased to say that the Mid-Devon Advertiser has published an 'opinion' piece yesterday which I attach.  No word has been altered.  The evil of Tory 'policy' is nicely put in the quotation which I gathered from an excellent summary in the London Review of Books by John Furse (bcc).  I repeat it here, it being the source -

In his report to the Conservative Party’s Economic Reconstruction Group in 1977, Nicholas Ridley wrote that:

"...denationalisation should not be attempted by frontal attack but by preparation for return to the private sector by stealth. We should first pass legislation to destroy the public sector monopolies. We might also need to take power to sell assets. Secondly, we should fragment the industries as far as possible and set up the units as separate profit centres."
for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  

This letter above, and your words below, are to be added to this posting yesterday on my web site where I record the many truths as I see them, as well as the ever growing flood of evil with your ilk as one source.  This is the e-mail  sent you yesterday at noon -

On 28/02/2020 2:15 pm, STRIDE, Mel wrote:

Dear Mr Halpin,

Thank you for your e-mails this afternoon.

There is a judicial process under way and that should be allowed to run its course.  As I have said before, it is not appropriate for Members of Parliament to seek to intervene in court cases.

If you have concerns which it would be appropriate for ministers to address at the conclusion of the hearing, please write to me and I will put them forward.

Thank you again.

With best wishes,


Rt Hon. Mel Stride MP
Member of Parliament for Central Devon


The trial for the extradition of Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, to the US of A. At Woolwich Crown Court/Belmarsh jail David Halpin FRCS 28-02-20 2.00 pm

Dear Mr Stride,  MP Central Devon and Chairman, Treasury Select Committee  2.00pm  22-02-2020

I request that you urgently read the report by Craig Murray at the 'show trial' of this journalist who is known for his truthfulness and courage -

First I ask you why Mr Murray is not still in HMG Diplomatic Service?  Do you recall why he ceased being Her Majesty's Ambassador to Uzbekistan?  If not I will tell you AFTER you have read his report.

(It would help you in judging Mr Murray's bona fides if you see shortly the full video record of his evidence given to the Joint Committee - I think on 'Human Rights'  no 1 of 7 but he gets to the guts in this first.  Unusually, I watched the hearing.  The only member of the committee who was visibly shocked by the evidence was the late Earl Onslow, an almost uniquely human member of your party.

The question was whether the UK was involved in torture - it was.  Via Uzbekistan where ardent Muslims were tortured by being dipped bit by bit in boiling oil, and then via the CIA to our M16.  'Intelligence''?    The corpses, showing the boiling, were returned to the mothers of these poor men.  This was to spread terror - a reminder that 'terrorism' is mostly practiced by states, with some reciprocation from the those subject to state terrorism.

You know well that the bombardments and invasion of Gaza in three most evil convulsions are state terrorism, with smaller versions meted on those imprisoned in Gaza in every day.  Your party, as with all previous British governments, have been complicit in that Satanism and total breach of all elements of International Law.  The Shock and Awe that Mr Blair conspired with Mr Bush over, is another grotesque expression of State Terrorism).

And that brings us full circle.  The trial of Assange is based on the hatred he has brought down on himself, by showing so clearly how lawless and evil for instance was the 'war' on Iraq, as executed and urged primarily for the benefit of Israel.  You will not have read the translation of a short but bloodless tract by Oded Yinon in 1982, and translated by a fellow 'universalist' Israel Shahak (attached)  It is all about Eretz Israel, a loose Zionist hope that is not closely defined but is often popularly known as 'from the Brook of the Nile to the Euphrates'.  There was an obvious plan throughout 2002, but much longer before.  Why else did the BBC promote an endless succession of Zio-Cons like Wolfowitz, Perle, Edelman, Susskind throughout the autumn of 2002?  This  to make sure the aneathetised section of the British 'knew' that Saddam Hussein was a 'clear and present threat', although that was instead the paramount psychopath and war criminal Anthony Charles Lynton Blair QC.  Honours - Congressional Gold Medal, Honorary LLD Queen's Belfast, Presidential Medal of Freedom (US), Dan David Prize (Israel), Liberty Medal (US).  cc to Blair Foundation or present title

Secondly, please contact Mr Buckland and Ms Patel immediately and demand that this action against a journalist per primum is withdrawn immediately.  Otherwise, the millions who are now seeing clear signs of the election of a Fourth Reich will oust you shortly from No 10 and the green benches.  In spite of the fact that Imperial Britain - The Sun Never Sets on .... BUT The Blood Never Dried - John Newsinger, most Britons cleave to the truth and prefer to 'love their neighbours.

I am copying this to neighbours, some of whom might have voted for you, to my large group of e-m addressees, to those who sent warm thoughts when I stood as an Independent candidate in Newton Abbot, and finally - to those who might wish to read this - my web site   or just google  david halpin 

I will 'phone your office directly   0207 2197037  01392 823336in order to avoid an 'auto' response and a possible oblique response 6 weeks later - after urging

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS