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My Woods & Garden

Dear Environment Agency,

Burnt Out Ford FocusA Ford Focus was set on fire - presumably with petrol, in an ancient drove track on the evening of 2-06-2020 - attached.  The Torquay, Newton Abbot and Bovey Tracey stations each sent an appliance.  See letter from D&C Fire and Rescue Service below, including the contained link.

I have cared for this track since about 1980.  There were two buddles by it but they had long been defunct.  I placed redundant lintels obliquely across the track and got the buddles working in heavy rain.  The track had been made into a deep V by torrents.  I know this track like 'the back of my hand'.  I have frequently cleared the buddles, the task made more often necessary by the unwelcome and unwise use of the track by 4x4s.

I purchased the 25 acres of poor pasture in 1986 which lies to the east of this track.  The ancient, and often very high hedgebank which borders this track on its eastern flank is in my ownership. There was heavy rainfall some time after this incident.  I had cleared the two completely blocked buddles in February with my employee Richard Penellum.  (We also cleared a 12" diameter hazel which had fallen across my bank and which was blocking the path.  And placed a redundant lintel at the top to keep rain water in the main track, saving a burden from the ancient drove track.)

I know that the 'washings', with any potential toxic chemicals, would have been carried through the lower buddle on to my wood pasture.  This wood pasture is presently grazed with 32 White Faced Dartmoor hoggetts owned by Ms Hilary Bond of Pullabrook Farm, Lustleigh.

With regard to the burnt out vehicle, as this has now been moved on to private land, you will need to contact TDC yourself to request that this is moved. Tina Scotland is the Abandoned Vehicle Clerk at TDC and may be able to help.

If the Parish Council had not removed the posts which had prevented use by 4x4s over 12 years there would be no burned out vehicle - the clear result of arson.  As I have said, this was the culmination of a malicious campaign by the PC that had no basis in law. The 'vehicle' was removed at my request so that people could use the track and avoid seeing the centre of a very morbid, indeed evil picture.  2 women walked up today as Richard and I were burning the large amount of brash I had to remove to allow the 'vehicle' to be lifted out.