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Preface. I wrote the e-mail below at 9.10 am on the 1stof December in the hope that ‘our’ MP would join other Conservative MPs in opposing further draconian and destructive actions to ‘control’ a virus that has petered out . I understand that he capitulated to the No 10 cabal.

I ‘phoned his constituency office the next morning asking him to call me back, so he could hear facts from a doctor/surgeon who was well trained at St Mary’s Hospital 1958 to 1964 in the relevant subjects of bacteriology, virology, epidemiology and immunology. The latter was very well taught by a leading expert in the field – Professor Ken Porter – later a Nobel Prize Winner. I was referred to the HoC number – but it recommended writing a letter or an e-mail. That office continues not to be staffed apparently, during the Covid ‘crisis’. A circular experience. No reply – not even the very usual ‘auto’ response. Searching ‘Stride’ on my website produces 35 references. All attempts at any discussion fruitless.

Induced insanity. C19. Your vote today in the 'House'. Green's 'empire' - 13,000 and the rest from that alone. Debenham's >>>> Most in debt already. 70% of the British - NO ASSETS 9.10 am 1stDecember AD 2020David Halpin FRCS

To Mel Stride MP Central Devon     URGENT  Copied to Kevin Corbett Registered Nurse, MA, MSc - who with other courageous people is providing a mass of evidence re this global lie - kept going by 'instilling fear' - continuously - via all main stream media outlets - bar some deviation in the Sunday Times.  I do not read the papers bar the local Mid Devon Advertiser - we use firelighters.  George Pascoe-Watson - ventiloquist for Hancock, and major beneficiary of our taxes.  Legal action in train - corruption/incest at the centre of our government.

Dear Mel, 

I saw the clip of you on the State Broadcaster's (SB) regional propagandare nero  programme last night.  I learn you are thinking of rebelling - about time.  You know your party has chosen badly.  That his last chief adviser said that he wanted to be joined at No 10 by 'weirdos and misfits' will ring round at the next election.  I might stand against you - certainly I am considering standing against Ms Morris in NA again.

If you want evidence of induced insanity, see 'Hospital' of the SB last evening.  Barnet Hospital - part of the Royal Free 'Trust'.  It included negligent 'care' of a Sephardic lady with a very severe fracture dislocation of the ankle.  More trickery with the radiographs: I could elaborate.  It showed how the 'toss a coin' RTPCR 'test' was being used to ramp up the fear - 'case' - 'infection' - 'deaths with Covid.

At leisure - please read   **

** Quote from 'filthy masks' -

Finally, a demonstration of incompetence at best, and trickery at worst.  My wife Sue was enrolled by the Gates Foundation funded Imperial College in a C19 random testing.  She withdrew shortly before the courier arrived with 3 kits from this parish of 2,400 souls in his polystyrene box.  The sealed, unused double ended swab in its plastic tube was handed to the courier in a plastic bag.  Sue was very pleased to get an e-mail from Imperial telling her the COVID-19 test was negative.  There have of course been many confounding 'results' since this plandemicwas started with the original title of the bill being 'The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill'!  I recall the president of Tanzania telling how the swab of a paupau had tested +ve!

We heard yesterday that 'Imperial'/Gates Foundation had found that there was about 30% less ''infection'' with C19 in its recent random survey - costing some more millions.  Included in the -ve 'results' was my wife Susan - of 59 years.  (Cf with Johnson's philandering)

I urge you to join the 'rebel' Tory MPs.  To reverse the induced insanity, and to cease the terrorism of the minds of our people, and their bodies - via the Metropolitan Police SERVICE especially.  I saw the 90 second statement by your fellow MP Richard Drax about a month ago.  He hit all the nails on the head - but it was censored by No 10 and Youtube within 24 hours.

Join the suffering plebiscite Mel. Leave isolated the fascist Oberlieutenent Starmer, and his fellow friend of Israel - Lucy Powell *** to stand in isolation.  Latter just glimpsed on 'Breakfast'.  (Sue watches a bit)   Actual C19 Insanity

for truth

David Halpin


Spotlight evening ''News''   See actual insanity in Exeter 'Uni'. "Like""'Vaccinated' - then come back "(to Spring term)   Link off at 7pm tonight.