Dear Mr Stride, You and your staff should view a report on BBC News last night if you have not done so already. Two parts - the shooting in the head x2 of a 14 yr old boy by one of the rabbles. He had refused to give him a free cup of coffee unless 'the Prophet returned'. The second part is of flogging with an electric cable x50 (for the ring leader) after a 'hearing' in a 'Sharia court'. These people being allies of Messrs Cameron and Hague means this must be seen by all MPs and others who express support for these fighters for demos - the people, crazy.

There was an excellent film about the photographer McCullin in the Imagine series introduced by Alan Yentob after this News. It was excellent in so many ways but especially in its analysis, both factual and philosophical, about war and how it is that innocent women and children suffer most. It is vital that everyone should see it; it should, as I have said to friends, be shown to secondary school children world wide with preliminary warning. It is 'play again' for 5 weeks

Not one of us can be silent

yours sincerely

David Halpin MB BS FRCS