Mel Stride  MP for Teignbridge

Dear Mr Stride,

I do not think any plea from me has affected your responses to cries for 'war'.

A general point - your party with its 27% share of the vote, is laying waste to OUR NHS, our police force, our local government and much more.  The moral tenor of Britain plummets led by those in power.  Little works.

Specific -

over 500,000 infants died from diarrhoeal disease and malnutrition in Iraq between 1992 and 2003 as a direct result of US and UK sanctions
(Albright - a price worth paying.)  It is called genocide - as in Nazi Germany.

I have said before that in the massive bombardment and invasion of a sovereign Iraq over a million people were killed, a large majority of which were civilians.  4 million fled their homes and HALF were taken in by Jordan and Dr Bashar Assad's country - with Palestinians from their massive genocide much earlier.

Your execrable party supported the equally execrable party of Labour in this 'adventure'.

Your party led the Libyan 'adventure'.  There was media silence (of course) but it is said that at least 50,000 were killed, especially in Sirte.  The media, the vile BBC, reported the 'toppling' of Ghaddafi. That is - beaten, dragged behind a pick-up and then a sword was thrust into his rectum.  You can almost feel that through your thick skin.

Only 17 MPs voted against this completely illegal act.  The only Tory was John Baron who has served in the forces.  I salute him.

Libya has been thrown into chaos and great suffering by YOUR votes.  It has provided terrorists and weapons for the invasion of Syria - as planned.  See Oded Yinon

I have written of it these past 10 years.

And your most dishonest leader calls President Assad 'Butcher'.  The gall of your clique is beyond all parody.

Now it is proposed that the 'safety' of the UK will be hurt by a vile guerrilla force strung out through many parts of Syria and that bombing will do the trick.  Support the bombing of Assad's government 2 years ago, and now bomb part of the opposition.  One cannot make it up.

I hate lies and equally hate liars.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS.

Attached.  One victim of thousands in Gaza.  Incurable.  You have a family.

Burned Child Khan Younis