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To the Rt.Hon. Sir Kier Rodney Starmer MP KCB, KC and Prime Minister of Britain

Dear Sir Kier,

As a previous supporter of the Labour party, and most recently as lead by Jeremy Corbyn, I write to you in your new position of very great power and responsibility. I am aware that you are an avowed 'Zionist', that you opposed the first and meek cease fire resolution in the HoC in November, and that you were alleged to have spoken with Sir Lindsay Hoyle before that second resolution, he being pro-Zionist like his father.

I write as an 'anti-Zionist' and pro-human, a trauma and orthopaedic specialist who qualified from St Mary's W2 in 1964. Since then I have healed thousands with good teams at my side. I have seen OUR NHS - using the strategy of  destabilise>demoralise>dismantle     > destroyed (largely), including under the fascist regimes from Thatcher onward, and including that of the paramount psychopath and war criminal Blair.  I was for instance writing in support of our community hospitals in 2006. My aim has always been to heal and not to harm.
I have had the closest association with the Palestinian people - both in Palestine, and here in Britain. I lead the voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin on the 1st of February 2003 from Torquay. I have been to Palestine, and especially Gaza, ten times. We witnessed the ongoing genocide in Gaza especially. This film of 20 minutes shows the genocide clearly and the utter criminality of the Israeli High Command and its Israeli Occupation Force -

I have read the text of your speech above.  I note no allusion to the current holocaust.  I quote from that speech to the many millions which I saw Mrs Harman praising on the ZBC coverage -

"And the world is now a more volatile place."

You with your predecessor Starmer, and those legions including the oxymoronic ''Christian''Zionists have helped spur the 'volatility'. THe march to war. This includes your support, along with the Tories and the Lib''Dems'' for the largely neo-nazi dictatorship of Zelensky - a surrogate for NATO's war on Russia. This with the 'air brushing' of the long holocaust of the Russian people with the sacrifice of 25 million - force members, civilians and partisans - in resisting and then defeating for the 'western nations' and for 'mother Russia' the most evil Nazi regime and in its operation Barbarossa.  Read Alan Clark.

I note that you have spoken with the walking corpse Biden, as well as the fellow fascists Zelensky, Macron and Trudeau

My question. Will you now condemn the Israeli government for this planned holocaust? Will you plead for an immediate and lasting 'cease fire' and for the formation of a ONE DEMOCRATIC STATE IN PALESTINE?

After your reading of elemental evil - some records of the criminal actions of Israel 4th to 5th of July -

for truth  and for 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Dartmoor