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Dear NHS England and Mr Jeremy Hunt ,

We are assailed every few days by prescriptions from Mr Hunt.  There must be many professionals or retired ones who know the facts or analysis are faulty.

I served in OUR NHS as a doctor and orthopaedic/trauma surgeon for 40 years.  My interest in the service is as vital now as it was say 30 years ago.

Of many efforts to improve the standards of care at Torbay Hospital, I recall writing in the early 80s about the staffing of the ladies' fracture ward – Ainslie, at night.  There used to be 2 staff nurses - ie SRNs.  There were 25 patients (always 'full up'), many were bed bound and a few would be demented to varying degree.  I pleaded for more nurses.  An enrolled nurse (SEN) would have been a distinct help.  The excellent staff nurses could not take a meal break.  Nothing happened except that the care of some patients would have been second rate.

06.40    07-03-14

Dear John,

Thank you.  I still wish that you had answered those further points.  There is obviously no point in my pursuing these further concerns about the HW election with you.  I feel I am in an impenetrable thicket.  An example below - highlighted.  What is the point in asking for references after the election of candidates?  It is likely none will be negative or even disturbing, and thus causing HW to ask an individual to stand down.  And what would be the 'risk'?  2 hours of a good secretary's time and sixty stamps?  I did not know my 2 referees had not been asked by HW to give references.  I will have to explain the unusual set up to them.

But I am a tyro in these things; my reactions are simple and based on accepted moral principles and law, I believe.

Interim Chairman  Healthwatch Devon

RE: Election process HW Devon

Dear John,

Thank you for your letter of yesterday, 3-02-14.  The delay of about 5 days is regrettable due largely to incorrect addressing of your e-m to me.  You must have been tired because I received a shorter e-m from you that evening of 27-02-14.  And I wrote this, that same evening to make sure you had it right - 

Dear John,
I am yet to receive your response to my first e-mail addressed to you this last Sunday night.  You referred to your response in the e-mail below - highlighted.  It has obviously gone astray.  Do please re-send it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you

This letter was sent to the Mid Devon Advertiser by David Halpin FRCS over 2 weeks ago.  Not published.  We hear that Ms Vasco Knight's actions are being investigated by the 'non-exec' committee of the Torbay ''Trust''.  Likely the alleged bullying of the two whistleblowers by executive officer, Ms Adrienne Murphy, will be examined too.  The chairman of the 'non-exec' committee, Ms 'Topsy' Murray, has withdrawn from the committee citing 'health grounds'.  Bit soon in the season for long grass.

Scenario self evident.  David Halpin FRCS blows the whistle and gives red card to Rom.  In order to destroy OUR NHS, it is necessary to create chaos - quangos by the hundred, McKinseys, PWC, Deloitte made dominant, costs heaped on OUR NHS.  Labour's PFIs - lead boots, to sink OUR NHS.  The strategy  Destabilise  > Demoralise  > Dismantle.  Two examples of demoralisation  - 22% of SW GP posts unfilled where previously doctors clamoured for them.  Mirror - 6 out of 7 nurses in a survey were unhappy in their work.

1 in 7 will leave the profession:    

This latter a reason for a full day debate in the House of Baying: