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Interim Chairman  Healthwatch Devon

RE: Election process HW Devon

Dear John,

Thank you for your letter of yesterday, 3-02-14.  The delay of about 5 days is regrettable due largely to incorrect addressing of your e-m to me.  You must have been tired because I received a shorter e-m from you that evening of 27-02-14.  And I wrote this, that same evening to make sure you had it right - 

Dear John,
I am yet to receive your response to my first e-mail addressed to you this last Sunday night.  You referred to your response in the e-mail below - highlighted.  It has obviously gone astray.  Do please re-send it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you

This letter was sent to the Mid Devon Advertiser by David Halpin FRCS over 2 weeks ago.  Not published.  We hear that Ms Vasco Knight's actions are being investigated by the 'non-exec' committee of the Torbay ''Trust''.  Likely the alleged bullying of the two whistleblowers by executive officer, Ms Adrienne Murphy, will be examined too.  The chairman of the 'non-exec' committee, Ms 'Topsy' Murray, has withdrawn from the committee citing 'health grounds'.  Bit soon in the season for long grass.

Scenario self evident.  David Halpin FRCS blows the whistle and gives red card to Rom.  In order to destroy OUR NHS, it is necessary to create chaos - quangos by the hundred, McKinseys, PWC, Deloitte made dominant, costs heaped on OUR NHS.  Labour's PFIs - lead boots, to sink OUR NHS.  The strategy  Destabilise  > Demoralise  > Dismantle.  Two examples of demoralisation  - 22% of SW GP posts unfilled where previously doctors clamoured for them.  Mirror - 6 out of 7 nurses in a survey were unhappy in their work.

1 in 7 will leave the profession:    

This latter a reason for a full day debate in the House of Baying:

Consultation by TSDHCNHST: Proposal to 'transfer' ie close, all 10 beds from each of the two community hospitals – Ashburton & Buckfastleigh, and Bovey Tracey.

David S Halpin MB BS 1964 FRCS

Annexe to submission of 14 February 2013 - 24 February 2013

Some points regarding fault in process and other concerns have been raised in the prior submission.

There remains a need to examine the alleged factual bases for the proposed closure of these beds by the 'Care Trust' from a medical service perspective. It has seemed, at the public meetings, that assertion dominated fact and record.

Consultation by TSDHCNHST: Proposal to 'transfer' all 10 beds from each of the two community hospitals – Ashburton & Buckfastleigh, and Bovey Tracey.

David S Halpin MB BS 1964 FRCS and Susan J Halpin – Orthopaedic Nursing Certificate SRN 1960

14th February 2013

Relevant experience

Closely involved in the communities of South Devon since DSH was appointed consultant in orthopaedic and trauma surgery in 1975 at Torbay and the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital, Exeter. Chairman PC Combe-in-Teignhead at one time. Lead other village activities – formation of recreation field, pavilion etc.

Fostered 12 distressed children from South Devon and two newborn babies – separately! Cared for elderly tenant with chronic airway disease. She died in Wolborough hospital. Nursed mother of SJH with cancer of the pancreas at home. Professional help from GP, DN, Macmillan nurses, and Marie Curie nurses at night. She died peacefully in our home, pain and discomfort being relieved by IV morphine. Mother of DSH, with severe rheumatoid arthritis and a possible tumour, died in a Surrey NH. Grandmother of SJH died in peace in Swanage Cottage Hospital, which is also threatened with closure. An aunt, a nurse, also died there. She had received much good in-patient and out-patient treatment at this hospital over the years including the excision of malignant skin tumours under LA.